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Feel the GOG Games Festival vibe and dive into a first-person, open-world, vandalism-centric stroll through a polluted island full of cranky idiots and a vibe so thick you can taste it. SLUDGE LIFE from Devolver Digital is now available on GOG.COM along with a 33% discount that will last until 27th August 2021, 1 PM UTC.

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Dogmaus: Now this is something I was expecting to be a freebie -_- How long does it last?
I never considered trying it from the EPIC Store because I didn't like the cover art and didn't look further. But the actual game screenshots have a weird "Detective Frog but sick and for adults" vibe. It also reminds me of Normality in a way.

How does EPIC curation work then? Because they even gifted it twice already. So they PAID the devs to give it away.
Leroux: I think it was free and without price tag on Epic for a longer time, not just for a week or so like the other freebies are. Because of that and its looks I didn't expect anything when I tried it last year but I ended up loving it (Review). It is pretty short and simple in gameplay though, so this new price tag is surprising, especially considering that a game like A Short Hike costs less than half, and the Frog Detective games even less - I'd say it is somewhere between these two in length and greatness.
totally right, it's been there for free to be grabbed for months, and I really didn't know much about it other than the cheap cover art. A short hike was a real gem, I'd like to get it on GOG as well later and replay it. F D are super fun, if they just were less painfully slow, I understand being child friendly but it could have a speed increase like the movement speed level in old Sierra games. Anyway, as it is a small indie thing, if people want to support at this price it's all good - I'll try on Epic and wait eventually. Still have some cool Epic backlog like Pikunikku, Darkest Dungeons etc. But I don't mind rebuying the best ones on GOG for an interesting price - like Figment, Minit, or Ape Out.
So it's like someone watched De Blob and Jet Set Radio while understanding the charm of neither.
Is this like POSTAL but high on drugs?
OST of this game was great. Props to BIG MUD!
Really glad to see Sludge Life on GOG, instantly bought it, putting my money where my mouth is, since I did ask Devolver, way back when, if they would bring it to GOG. They did. As far as I'm concerned, despite its length, despite the kind of game it is, Sludge Life is definitely worth 10 bucks, which is what I paid for it on GOG.

It's obviously not for everyone. Baldur's Gate isn't for everyone, either -- it isn't for me, for instance. That's perfectly fine. Just don't get it, and move on.
acute71: Seeing releases like this makes me wondering again how GOG curation works.
DD & Ji Ji: Anything from Devolver Digital = automatic release :p
And rightfully so.

I don't get what @acute71 's problem is. Devolver has the Midas touch.