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Play an action-packed arcade game where you can partake in deathmatches and armed races as well as other competitions, using modern airplanes, tuned to the max, and armed to the teeth with extreme weaponry. Skydrift Infinity is now available on GOG.COM along with a 10% discount that will fly away on 5th August 2021, 2 PM UTC.

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The forum is over here
It looks interesting.
Does look like a fun game to jump in and out of for short bursts,
Does it work with XInput?
Insta-bought. Love this title so much :)

Very light on graphics customization but at least there's the unlocked framerate, which is lovely.
IronArcturus: Does it work with XInput?
Indeed it does.
IronArcturus: Does it work with XInput?
heart-of-ice: Indeed it does.
That's good!

So does the game have a mode where the player can choose any track to play? Or does it only have a Championship mode?
Does this run at least 60+fps? The first game only ran at locked 30.
Dutchling: Does this run at least 60+fps? The first game only ran at locked 30.
Only saw a few video reviews but a player said compared to the original the FPS is unlocked or at least @ 60
A modern take on Evasive Action?
Wow, an arcade flying game? Nice... will definitely have to watch some gameplay but it sure look good.

Aha, now I watched some videos, so this is a remaster of the 2011 games called Skydrift with additional content.
Here is a gameplay video, more is available on YT and elsewhere:

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