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Purple craze.

<span class="bold">Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition</span> and <span class="bold">Gat out of Hell</span>, two ridiculous open-world playgrounds of unrestrained action, are now available DRM-free on with a 75% discount.

When the aliens invade, the fearless and slightly unhinged president of the United States has no choice but to bend time and space, the fourth wall, and Overlord Zinyak's tyrannical ambitions in order to save us all. Superpowers, mindpowers, weapons of mass attraction, and outfits that go waaaay over the top are the order of the day in this completely bonkers open world adventure that doesn't understand the meaning of "too much".

When you're done whacking aliens with weaponized genitalia, feel free to go wrestle the Prince of Darkness in the Gat out of Hell standalone expansion. Wield outrageous contraptions and soar across his demonic domain as you sin with a confident grin. If you want to make your wings even more fashionable and give your exploits some Shakespearean flair, you need the <span class="bold">Devil's Workshop Pack</span>.

The 75% discounts will last until April 27, 10AM UTC, as part of our <span class="bold">Deep Silver Sale</span>.
Saints Row IV and Gat out of Hell are also available on <span class="bold">GOG Connect</span> until April 27, 10 AM UTC.

NOTE: Currently, Saints Row IV is unavailable for purchase in Australia due to censorship issues. We're working on resolving the situation and we'll keep you posted on any developments.

Watch the Saints Row IV trailer.

Gat out Hell trailer.
Post edited April 20, 2017 by maladr0Id
Fucking finally!


Why have I told my boss I feel great today?! :(

Awesome release! :)

But so many hours till home...
Thanks for the connect, GOG! (I've got the entire set of Saint's Row 4 cross-added to my library) I wished I held off buying it on Steam and getting it here instead. That's another game on the wishlist itinerary fulfilled!
Post edited April 20, 2017 by Nicole28
Wow! Very nice surprise. Thank you for the release!
Very nice! I got them all through Connect now :D By the way, do they have some kind of online multiplayer now, or is it still LAN only?
Oh hell yeh!
FFS :/ again only the Windows versions released here :(
Took them long enough, but nice that they're finally here.
Sweet even though i could have gotten Saints Row 4 on connect i decided to buy it as a big thank you for releasing this and i bought Gat out of hell too.
Nice release, well done, gog! Instabought!
I promising myself to buy SR4 for like 1 year now... but there is always other promo in the way. :P
And bought. That was easy. Thanks GOG and Deep Silver. :)