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Purple craze.

<span class="bold">Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition</span> and <span class="bold">Gat out of Hell</span>, two ridiculous open-world playgrounds of unrestrained action, are now available DRM-free on with a 75% discount.

When the aliens invade, the fearless and slightly unhinged president of the United States has no choice but to bend time and space, the fourth wall, and Overlord Zinyak's tyrannical ambitions in order to save us all. Superpowers, mindpowers, weapons of mass attraction, and outfits that go waaaay over the top are the order of the day in this completely bonkers open world adventure that doesn't understand the meaning of "too much".

When you're done whacking aliens with weaponized genitalia, feel free to go wrestle the Prince of Darkness in the Gat out of Hell standalone expansion. Wield outrageous contraptions and soar across his demonic domain as you sin with a confident grin. If you want to make your wings even more fashionable and give your exploits some Shakespearean flair, you need the <span class="bold">Devil's Workshop Pack</span>.

The 75% discounts will last until April 27, 10AM UTC, as part of our <span class="bold">Deep Silver Sale</span>.
Saints Row IV and Gat out of Hell are also available on <span class="bold">GOG Connect</span> until April 27, 10 AM UTC.

NOTE: Currently, Saints Row IV is unavailable for purchase in Australia due to censorship issues. We're working on resolving the situation and we'll keep you posted on any developments.

Watch the Saints Row IV trailer.

Gat out Hell trailer.
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ReynardFox: GOG knows users can gift across regions and use VPNs to buy uncensored copies, I think they probably think this is better than offering Australians an inferior game. I am inclined to agree with this after being ticked off with the censored version of The Witcher 2 that I was originally stuck with.

Also as Tremere above just added, the game has online multiplayer and having a censored version could complicate things.
Yeah sure, but I'd kind of lump turning a blind eye to VPN purchasing into my issue about the consistency of the policy. "Sure, Mr Person Apparently Residing in the US Who Happens to Have an Australian Credit Card, you can buy this. And have you considered changing your name to something shorter? It must be a pain to type into the checkout form." Of course, if a person really wants a game, they can find a way.

And there are some things in the world I care about less than multiplayer. But not many. :)
Instabought !!!!!!!! :)

I had a lot of fun with SR4 on Steam so I don't mind to double-dip to keep it DRM-Free.
Wishbone: I like the superpowers, but they do mean that you generally don't use vehicles at all, except for the few missions that require it. As such, all the vehicle upgrades and customization options are more or less completely redundant.
Vythonaut: I was afraid of that -- a deal breaker for me since what i enjoy the most in this type of open world games (besides shooting baddies) is hijacking & driving vehicles and all the crazy chasing that's usually happening. Anyway, i'll get through the 3rd one and also the 2nd one that i just got as a freebie and if the series grow on me, i'll give the 4th one a shot. :)
The change from SR3 to SR4 was a bit surprising. While I missed the need for driving, the addition of superpowers provided a nice and different experience. You can still hijack cars and drive them, just like in SR3.
Probably missing for Aussies as our version of Saints Row 4 was the censored MA15+ version and the GOG version is uncensored. My other Saints Row games had no issue.

Lucky for me my copy of Saints Row 4 on Steam is the ROW/Global version! Still needed to run connect via alternative means to link though. :-(

Apparently I own the DLC for GAT out of hell on steam but not here.
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So, it seems that if you got on Steam SR IV + DLCs BUT not the whatever edition (even if I have the very same dlcs, I double checked), you are not ellegible for GoG Connect...
Bummer :/

Edit: Fixed?
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Thank you Deep Silver for releasing these DRM free! GOG Connect was a nice surprise too. I was ready to instabuy SR4 and Gat. However, I would really appreciate the Linux versions being released here also. Linux and DRM free are the perfect pairing. I've been phasing Windows out of my devices.
shylock.596: Seriously, this whole not bringing the Linux version to GOG is complete BS. What is Deep Silver's Issue ?
That is because the Linux versions of all the Deepsilver games were subsidized by Valve.
Cool. Buying.

I'm curious to see whether Deep Silver will eventually sell the Dead Island games here. I know it might be viewed as a bit of a moot point since Dying Light is the new and improved version of those, but it still would be nice to have those games here.

P.S. How about them Secret Files & Lost Horizon games?
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Would any of these games work on Intel HD530 integrated graphics?
Venita: Yup, it should :)
vicklemos: Logitech f310 / f710, too. Steam Controller, too. X360 wireless and Xbone pad, check.
It supports it all, perfectly ;)
Great! Have you tried it on Windows 7?
Nice to see more Deepsilver games
Now let's hope the Secretfiles will be released here aswell .... 1,2,3 and sam peeters

Animation Arts collection would be even better :

That would also include: Lost Horizon + Lost Horizon 2, thats 6 games for only 40 or 50 euro (usally on sales a lot at steam and gamersgate (steam versions)
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catpower1980: Instabought !!!!!!!! :)

I had a lot of fun with SR4 on Steam so I don't mind to double-dip to keep it DRM-Free.
I cashed in the connect offer (finally) and bought gifts :)
catpower1980: Instabought !!!!!!!! :)

I had a lot of fun with SR4 on Steam so I don't mind to double-dip to keep it DRM-Free.
i can understand that, i had lots of fun with the secret files series or even better the animation collection
which include 4 seecretfile games and lost horizon 1 and 2 ( LH2 is a very unoptimised game (unity) but i would love to be able to get the complete collection DRM free aswell, cause now only secretfiles was drm free ( gamersgate) and the rest is drm/tages/steam only.

So i still hope these will be released someday.....
Looks like SR4:GOTCE from gamersgate appears as regular "Saints Row IV" on Steam and not eligible for Connect.
Gofur: Looks like SR4:GOTCE from gamersgate appears as regular "Saints Row IV" on Steam and not eligible for Connect.
Can you try clicking the link below and seeing if Connect recognizes it?
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