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Surrender your future.

UPDATE: Want to listen to the game's electronic beats even when you're not beating up thugs? The one-hour-long Official Soundtrack is now available for purchase.

RUINER, a cyberpunk action shooter with a striking aesthetic and lightning-fast combat, is now available, DRM-free on GOG.com.

Are you good at taking orders? How about dodging bullets coming straight out of some psychopath's firearm? There's a bleak future ahead of you then: just put on your unusually expressive helmet, grab any weapon you can find, and make your way through the violent streets of Rengkok, a cesspool run by corrupt authorities and bloodthirsty thugs. Don't question your mission - the mysterious voice in your head always knows best.

Watch the trailer.
Post edited September 28, 2017 by maladr0Id
THisess: Just a heads up if you're planning to play this with keyboard and mouse and DON'T use the WASD layout:
As of yet you CANNOT rebind ANY of the keys.
Thanks for the warning! I hate WASD and would never use it under any circumstances. I wouldn't play a game that forces me to use WASD even if it was free, much less would I ever pay for one.

I was interested in this game until I read your warning, the facts of which are an instant deal-breaker.

Please RUINER devs, make the keys re-mappable.
cannimal: keys are unbindable
This is unacceptable in 2017! Please rectify this.
Am I the only one with DS4 issues? Can't open the radial menu.
Keyboard remapping software exists. I swear.