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Mortals not allowed.

<span class="bold">Pray for Death</span>, a 2D fighting game where legendary warriors duel their way out of Death's domain, is now available, DRM-free on!

Cthulhu, Anubi, a big ugly demon, and a vaguely familiar martial arts master are only some of the warriors that join Death's tournament for a chance at resurrection. Brutal combat is their trade and they deliver it with high kicks, bloody punches, and devastating combos, softening their opponents up for the particularly gruesome killing blow.
fighting game from 1996 that I've never heard of? SWEET!
As there's no trailer, here's a video of the solo "campaign":
slloks like rise of the robots made and love baby with killer instinct
Huh, this looks interesting.
*checks the screenshots*
Hm... this game's name sounded familiar and after checking the game card i remembered it:

It's one of those trashy Mortal Kombat clones for PC. IIRC the name was the best thing about it and the gameplay was pretty lame.

Nevertheless i *might* add it to my shabby games collection when it's on sale one day. :D
This looks.. not good.
Never heard of it
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Never heard of this and not one what jumps out for me to buy.
Not the big bang release I was hoping for on a Thursday, but nice nonetheless.
Looks like the poor man's Moral Kombat. xD
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Looking at the gameplay makes me want to do exactly what the title entails.
For those that are curious - it's not very good. At all.

Lightshock's "other" beat-em-up on the Amiga, Fighting Spirit, was ever so marginally better, if only because it was at least visually more accomplished.

Both games came out in the same year. I think Fighting Spirit was meant to be a Fatal Fury knockoff, while Pray for Death was trying to imitate Killer Instinct or Primal Rage.
Reminds me of ThrillKill