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PC Building Simulator - Republic of Gamers Workshop is now available DRM-free. Get PC Building Simulator 33% off until September 6th, 1pm UTC.

Created in collaboration with ASUS, this new workshop for PC Building Simulator is a slick and modern alternate workspace ideal for any Republic of Gamers fan.
The RoG brand is ASUS' subbrand.

If you mess up while building a computer in real life it can cost you quite a bit. If you nervously rub your hands against your nylon/polyester trousers/tights/whatever while building you will most likely kill parts with static electricity. It can take up to 2-3 weeks to manifest itself. Much cheaper to mess up inside a sim.

I get enough of building computers in real life so no need for this but others cannot seem to get enough and I guess the game is simplified.
Shouldn't this be like a free add-on? I mean it's in-game advertising that you pay for. Oh, the lows...
Well, if this isn´t the most frustrating simulator ever. It´s like giving a starving man a cooking simulator :)
RoG is the reasom I bought MSI for both myself and family. Otherwise my face would've stayed that way forever.