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Return to the colorful and whimsical universe born from the imagination of Éric Chahi, creator of Another World.

Paper Beast - Folded Edition is now available on GOG.COM and 40% off until 23rd July 2021, at 1 PM UT.

Please note: the VR version of Paper Beast and a soundtrack will be released at a later date.

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Let the beast free...
Is there a video trailer or gameplay trailer for this?
I wonder how well this will work with regular controls, considering this was originally designed as a pure VR game. This makes the absence of the VR version even more odd.
Ralackk: Is there a video trailer or gameplay trailer for this?
Not a proper trailer, but here's a bit from the beginning of the PC version:

I love the design aesthetic of the creatures.
Not much info on the gameplay, but I may pick this up anyway just because I'm curious and love to mess with stuff like this.
Post edited July 18, 2021 by GilesHabibula
looks interesting probably boring
I'm glad that Éric Chahi didn't get stuck in the rut of remaking the same game forever.

I respect why people liked Another World/Out of this World, but it's entirely a game not designed to align with my tastes.
Post edited July 18, 2021 by Darvond
A follow-up to Another World made with more means and longevity to the game, with a modern engine, I wouldn't say no.
This game felt very experimental, but I can respect that.