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Chain reaction.

Opus Magnum is now available, DRM-free on with a 10% discount until February 7, 2PM UTC.
Alchemy is an esoteric science that fuses artistry with practical engineering in fascinating ways. Anataeus Vaya is a master in the field but when dark secrets start crawling out of the woodwork, he must face the ultimate puzzle: how to assemble and modify his transmutation devices to prepare miraculous concoctions in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. Tick tock, Anataeus. Tick tock.
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Seems those guys who wanted this on GOG will finally be happy, nice!
Wonderful news. Way to go!
It would be interesting to see the sales figures to see if it tallies with the outcry of it not being here.
Thank you Zachtronics and GOG for making this happen finally! :)
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Well now this might get a few whiners to shut up for maybe ten minutes.

Now let me see what was all the fuss about this game...

I will definitely get it at some point.
Some cheering news to those who wanted it here, I guess!
You kind of have to wonder if it was ever even rejected in the first place...

Nice to see it here though, I'll probably get it at some point.
Cool to see this here although their previous games spooked me through their complexity. :P

But it's interesting as it is différent.
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Spectre: It would be interesting to see the sales figures to see if it tallies with the outcry of it not being here.
I would imagine not. I think a good chunk of those people probably bought it on Humble or Steam when they found out GOG turned it down. It's an instant buy for me though. I love the games Zachtronics makes, and I have been waiting for this to be released here.
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Cool. I guess this is my fastest instabuy. Thanks.
This is actually surprising, well done GOG!
I suppose the hypocrites will be happy, the ones who support heavy curation except when it bites them in the ass.

But other, non-douchebag fans of Zachtronics will be happy, too, so I'll say it's a good thing the game is here.