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Ever danced with the devils in the pale moonlight?

UPDATE: An evocative sound design is half the charm for any 2D platformer worth its salt. Momodora's intoxicating tunes are no exception, and you can now get them separately in the game's <span class="bold">21-track OST</span>!
The soundtrack is 30% off until until February 1st, 2:00PM UTC.

<span class="bold">Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight</span>, a retro-styled action-platformer telling the tale of a persistent warrior priestess, is now available, DRM-free on

This is a story about a cursed land crawling with all kinds of horrors and steeped in distrust and hopelessness. Kaho, a warrior priestess, is determined to end the darkness by seeking out her merciful queen's help. A beautiful dance of epic fights, brutal combos, well-timed dodges, and precision platforming begins under the perilous night sky. There is a certain romance to this senseless brutality but plenty of challenge too, as Kaho will need to stay focused and move swiftly, if she doesn't want this to be her last moonlight.

Fight your way through a beautiful land drenched in blood and despair in <span class="bold">Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight</span>, DRM-free on
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Looks like my kind of thing, so bought. Ta!
deonast: Silence does no one know if this is good?

---- see I could resist the temptation to say first ----
damn failed
The controls are neat and responsive, pretty and detailed graphics, nice character design.
Looks good to me :p
Well shit, I just bought this from Playism last week. Fortunately they also include a DRM-free version there, so it's all good.

It's short -- I finished the it in around 5 hours with 100% map completion, but nowhere near 100% of the items/secrets. But it's a damn good Metroidvania.

It gets a lot of comparisons to Dark Souls, but I haven't played those games, so I can't confirm that either way. What I can say is that it's a tough, but fair game. I got my ass handed to me by regular enemies many times, and you can't be too careless around them even at the endgame.

The boss battles are great. There's one particularly great boss battle, which is unfortunately spoiled in the trailer. The final boss was a bit easy though.

Overall, I loved the game, and would recommend it to anyone who likes a good, and challenging Metroidvania.
Looks fun.
I will pick it up once a Linux version comes out.
Why does this looks like Cave Story+ ?
looks nice. shame its windows only
Once again, a game I bought on Steam is released on GOG with a huge delay. And only the fourth game, not the others.

About the game, it's full of exploration, but the combat, while simple, can be challenging. Get ready to memorize traps, enemy locations and the the roll quite often, just like a Souls game.

In fact, I would say this game is hugely inspired by the Souls series in many aspects.

By the way, if you manage to beat the bosses without taking damage, you get special items that are really useful, so, keep that in mind.
For the folks that are wondering if the game's good, check out* the following nice review:

* I'm in no way affiliated with the website the review is hosted ;)
Impaler26: Neat release but why is <span class="bold">Momodora III</span> not available on GOG? :D

And if anyone wants to try the previous games - <span class="bold">Momodora I</span> and <span class="bold">Momodora II</span> are free.
catpower1980: I doubt they're interested in releasing a 2$ game :(
Yeah, it sure seems so. Though GOG already sells at least one $3 game - Super Hexagon.

And IIRC Momodora III used to cost more than $1.99 - I think it was at least $3.99 so they must have lowered the price eventually.
They're learning... they're learning!

I was ready to start complaining that SimplePlanes was all we were getting today, but uh... no. This is good. Give us the game people expect from GOG (SimplePlanes), but then give us something a little different, too. Everyone can be happy.

Anyway, Momodora is actually a very well-done game. There are a lot of platformers that look like this, but this one has some great level design and some really good music. Don't be fooled by the trailer being a bit amateurish.
No soundtrack option? None of the rest of the series? I'll wishlist it for now.
htown1980: looks nice. shame its windows only
dtgreene: Does this game work in WINE?
Yes it works under plain wine with nothing overrides
I've actually heard of these games and am interested. Will likely pick this up at some point.
amrit9037: Why does this looks like Cave Story+ ?
This game takes a lot of inspiration from other titles such as Cave Story and Mega Man.
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