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Starting from a young mage.

<span class="bold">Mages of Mystralia</span>, an enchanting action/adventure for students of the arcane, is now available, DRM-Free on with a 10% launch discount.

Magic and its practitioners are officially outlawed, but Zia is not one to turn away from her birthright. No, she will set out to master and perfect her newfound powers, gather runes, craft formidable and versatile spells, seek out exiled allies, and solve tricky environmental puzzles. Your spellbook is your ultimate weapon - make sure to write it properly.

To stay fully immersed in this magical world even when not playing, go ahead and grab the <span class="bold">lovely OST</span>. Buy it together with the game for a 20% discount.

The 10% discount will last until July 28, 2PM UTC.

Watch the trailer.
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This game is good an fun, thanks for bringing it to GOG!!!!
thanks to the Borealys and GOG crews for getting Mystralia here quickly. i've been hanging tough not buying the Steam version as i wanted to get it here instead. downloading now :D
Borealys_Samuel: Hi all! Game dev here.

Just to let you knows that currently there is no keybinding option in the game BUT we are currently working on that feature and it will be released soon!

Thanks for this bit of info and encouragement, I'm installing it now, as we speak!...For now, I'll just use my controller.
BorealysBill: @CharlesGrey I'm one of the programmers on the project so I can't give you a definitive answer but a short answer could be that Mages of Mystralia is a mix of Zelda and Harry Potter, you create your very own spells to fight monsters and big bosses as well as solve puzzles in a rich environment.

@Fortuk It's around 10 to 15h maybe more if you're a completionist but it's always hard to tell, it depends on the player ;).
LurkerLito: Well my playtime on steam was 19 hours. I took my time looking for all the runes though. You probably can do it faster if you just go via the main story elements and not want to solve all the puzzles.
I see! Thanks for the answer. :)
looks like it might be ok. Since I'm heading to bed I'll look into this before the launch special is over see if I can justify the purchase at this time. I like the fact there is a FLAC soundtrack, much appreciated.
This game does not play well using keys on a PC.
It needs point to move or something.
Note: It is very dificult to complete timed puzzles using keyboard.
They might be looking into optimisation of the Keyboard/Mouse controls:
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