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Feeding on secrets.

The Hideaway, the second chapter in The Kid's horrific story, is now available DRM-free on
Nomes. So many Nomes. The ship's engine room seems to be their favorite place. But why would so many of these mysterious creatures congregate at such a dangerous place? Are they hiding something? Or are they hiding from something?

Get this episode separately or as part of Secrets of the Maw, the expansion pass which gives you access to all the additional stories and content as they become available for download.
Post edited November 10, 2017 by B0SC0
MightyPinecone: What's in a nom? Eh, I mean, 'what is a nom?'
Little people that stay out of sight. :)
MightyPinecone: What's in a nom? Eh, I mean, 'what is a nom?'
HeartsAndRainbows: Little people that stay out of sight. :)
Oh, I remember those! I read them in Swedish as a child. I seem to recall they were kinda like the Borrowers.
I believe they are called Gnomes actually, like the ones people have in their gardens or are in fairy tales. As for the DLC, I also think it should be free because its like a continuation of the original game or information to enhance the story line.
Zoidberg: For those interested in that kind of game: get Inside. That one doesn't need a shitload of DLC, it stands on its own. ;)
fishbaits: INSIDE is great! Also has two endings.
Playdead are already making another game.
Looking forward to its release :D
I agree that Inside is great and it's also longer and has more content than Little Nightmares. However "Two endings" imo is a bit much because the alternate ending has not much to offer imo. IN addition to that I would not even compare both games because they simply feel so different. If you are into those kind of games just get both. The only thing I am worrying about is the playtime for each DLC because as we all know the base game was not THAT long even if you took your time. So how long is such a DLC?