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Fast-paced and card-based.

Incredibly quick and tactical: Ironclad Tactics Deluxe, the strategy card game from Zachtronics (the guys behind SpaceChem) just joined the DRM-free catalogue and is now available for Windows, OS X, and Linux with a weeklong 33% discount.

Construct the strongest deck you can muster from your collection of cards and set out to defeat your opponents at lightning speeds - that’s precisely what Ironclad Tactics is all about. You will be dropped into a steampunk-styled American Civil War setting that features a varied mix of human and machine warriors - all of which can be collected and played as cards in fast-paced combat.

Aspiring tacticians beware: this game is known for a steep difficulty curve, so expect many a frustrating loss - but the more seasoned strategy generals will know this just adds an extra sense of victory to every win.

The Deluxe Edition of the game includes the following bonus content:

-- The Rise of Dmitry - the first add-on campaign for Ironclad Tactics. Explore the backstory of Dmitry, and unlock his fearsome army by completing new missions against new foes.
-- The "Fort Phantom Ridge" gauntlet mission - a six-stage battle set in Dmitry's greatest factory-fort.
-- Blood and Ironclads, the add-on campaign for Ironclad Tactics about the Franco-Prussian war... With ironclads!
-- A high-quality digital artbook with concept art, designs, and commentary from the Zachtronics team.
-- A printable papercraft model of an ironclad that you can print out and assemble.
-- The Ironclad Tactics OST, with music by Evan Le Ny and Farewell to the Woods.
-- A giftable copy of SpaceChem with the SpaceChem: 63 Corvi DLC for the first week, free until Tuesday, June 30th at 9:59am GMT.

Hop right into Ironclad Tactics Deluxe, an immersive, beautifully crafted card deck strategy, now available DRM-free at The 33% discount lasts one week, until Tuesday, June 30th at 9:59am GMT.

P.S. -- A tip from the experts - you can repair your ironclads. Do it, often.

What does the press say?

“Ironclad Tactics is a streamlined take on deck-building that still manages to offer huge variety in its armies, and beyond all of that has great sound effects when you squish little dudes under hulking behemoths.” -- Rock Paper Shotgun

“Some games throw curve balls. Ironclad Tactics pitches razor-lined orbs of flaming, molten death.” -- US Gamer

“Ironclad Tactics is definitely worth a look for any lover of collectible card style games who’s looking for a fresh system to master.” -- Gaming Trend
deonast: Haven't heard the soundtrack but appreciate the FLAC inclusion here.
zeffyr: You can listen to it here.
Thanks I'll check that out later
One hour until the stream of Ironclad Tactics Deluxe on GOGom's twitch at, 10pm CEST! The developer will be there as well (on audio) to answer questions: