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Plus: all other 2K Games are now up to -75%!

<span class="bold">Hidden &amp; Dangerous Action Pack</span> and <span class="bold">Hidden &amp; Dangerous 2</span>, the tactical WWII shooters where every bullet counts, are now available as digital exclusives on
For a proper welcome, we're holding a <span class="bold">2K Games Sale</span>, where the entire catalog is up to 75% off!

More often than not, strength or numbers are not the deciding factors of victory; tactics are. A squad of fine British Special Air Service lads with co-ordinated moves, smart shooting, and carefully chosen loadout can disrupt the most dense enemy forces as long as they stay <span class="bold">Hidden &amp; Dangerous</span>.

The sequel, <span class="bold">Hidden &amp; Dangerous 2</span>, expands on the gameplay mechanics that let you switch between a third-person and first-person view, while also adding more stealth and subterfuge options. This time, our team is assassinating targets, sabotaging equipment, and rescuing prisoners in even more diverse locations across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

In order to welcome the two H&D games in our <span class="bold">2K Games</span> squad, the rest of their catalog is now on sale, with titles like X-Com: Terror from the Deep, Army Men, and Freedom Force going for up to 75% off.
The 2K Games sale lasts until February 27, 5PM UTC.
tfishell: Oni and BioShock pls. ;)

Good work GOG and 2K, of course.
Oni was another great game! The wishlist has over 7,000 votes!
Gog devs, is there a reason why we south Africans can't open the gamecards for either of these games?
Hidden & Dangerous 2:
The only game I heard that has a healing kits, which, if you´re shot to the belly, only slows down your demise, instead of stopping it (like in arm shot, etc...)

Not my cup of tea, but glad to have them on board :)
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Ohhhh shit yes. Shiiiiiiit yes. Thank you GOG!
Oh my god, SWAT4 and now this!!

You spoil us GOG, thank you so much :D
I too cannot access any of those links to purchase Hidden & Dangerous action pack or H&D2.

It redirects to: https: // www. gog. com/ games?sort=bestselling&page=1

Brazil can't also purchase either...
tfishell: Oni and BioShock pls. ;)

Good work GOG and 2K, of course.
Oni is one I never got to play but always wanted to. I'd definitely enjoy seeing both of these here. :)
armitom: Oh my god, SWAT4 and now this!!

You spoil us GOG, thank you so much :D
I was shocked that Swat 4 was put up, now stunned that they got H&D - been waiting for it to be released digitally for years and years
I too had that brief spark of hope that there was going to be more 2K games coming.
OK, now X-Com Interceptor is included in the promo. Amusingly, it's well below the other X-Com games.
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haydenaurion: So what do these play like? From the description they seem like Rainbow Six or SWAT 4 except set in WWII. Am I close?
sMull: Yep.

Except that H&D2 is better than all of them. Its an absolute gem of a game.
Absolutely, never played a game with a denser WWII-atmosphere and more varied levels. You literally feel the heat of the endless african desert, the moisture of the south pacific-jungles, the icy winds of norway. A great experience and tough as nails.
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ShaunRoberts: Gog devs, is there a reason why we south Africans can't open the gamecards for either of these games?
Yes there is, they just do not want to tell us or at least direct the page to a page that explains why we cannot buy it.

Also this is not the first game on GOG and also not the last that they restrict us from buying.

I have no idea why GOG limits us here in South-Africa because GOG could not be bothered to explain this and could also not be bothered to at least put some info or description if we try to go the game page.

I have spoken to our FPB (film and publications board) in our country (who controls games as well), and i was told it is not them blocking the games from GOG.

So why is GOG treating us basically as the child you do not want to speak off????

Its not our country stopping them.

Best of all even if the publication board wanted to stop us, they could not because GOG is overseas and they cannot see who buys what and from what country. So how would they stop this.

One last note, GOG stopped us buying Army Men as well. Same thing, our country being limited like this.

Anyway wanted to support this but guess thats what Torrents are for then. I do not want to but how else then.
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Sweet, i can retire the cd's for both games, :D
Come on GOG, it seems like south africans, brazilians and I'm guessing the whole South America cannot purchase or even see this game, and I would like to know why.

At least in my country I don't think there's a ban or censorship on these games so it looks like it was a decision by GOG, and a very distasteful one at that. Tho I can just be misinformed... but I still would like you to tell us just WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!

Edit: Took a while but there's an answer now:
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