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You take on a role of a hell manager and are tasked with developing the underworld in a way that would make Lucifer himself fall off his chair. Hell Architect is now available on GOG.COM along with a sizzling hot 15% discount that will end on 25th August, 1 PM UTC.

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RedRagan: Oh please, they're not that different. You just defend Dungeon Keeper because of nostalgia value. It still has torture. So do Evil Genius, so do Duke Nukem games (and it's even worse), so do classic shadow warrior, so do (insert every old games with tortures in their game).

Also bruh, we got violent video games aplenty. We turn demons into pile of meat in Doom, we got game called BLOOD and it's filling its promise well. Amiga's Capital Punishment has a topless woman in bondage gear and you put enemy on spikes. Or Amiga's Barbarian where you can decapitate people. Or how about Isaac getting his eyes drilled in Dead Space?

I guess you only picking on this game for outrage value and small indie developer can't fight back.
Calm down. You read way too much into my first post, which was just a snappy, non-judging remark referring to the upcoming sex games here. I have nothing against this game or the dev or gory games in general.
Post edited August 20, 2021 by russellskanne