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Play an emotional and immersive game about a man named Will and the people close to him. Fragments of Him is now available on GOG.COM along with a 75% discount that will last until 5th July 2021, 1 PM UTC.

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low rated
And, Pop!.
Trooper1270: And, Pop!.
He popped into fragments?
>Sarah was Will’s girlfriend
>Harry is Will’s partner
... and this guy's saying, "Whadda ya want from me?'
Sounds like To The Moon where it is effectively just a movie where you click to continue. Or, considering the color scheme, more like The Longest Road On Earth but with a single coherent story rather than fragments of different stories. It sounds like some reviewers would prefer it be more like Tacoma where you can to some extent choose the ordering of the story, but it sounds like there is only ever one thing you can do to advance the story. Looking at reviews it seems like enough people appreciate the story that I'm going to give it a try at this price, even though I tend to prefer the more happy stories.
Installer is about 2GB but the game wants 12GB according to the system requirements on the store page. I wonder if it is really that well packed or if the 12GB is a mistake.

Unfortunately the trailer is telling us absolutely nothing about the actual gameplay - not even the UI or some choices. If it were a movie I might get interested but this way I will have to watch some youtube videos to see what that even is in the first place.

Just looked it up. It is actually FPP with free walking and clicking on things to progress the story - did not expect this. I might just purchase it.
Post edited June 28, 2021 by MarkoH01
I think it said 9GB when I tried running the installer (that I didn't have so I can't say how much it actually uses), I guess they are counting the installer + installed size + round up (and/or save games that should be super tiny considering there are no choices, but who knows).
Thank you GOG & Sassybot! Great to see this here.

Really appreciate the variety of games arriving on the site lately.