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Life, the universe, and...

<span class="bold">Everything</span>, a procedural nature simulation where you can be literally anything, is now available DRM-free on with a 20% launch discount.

The universe doesn't rely on heroes to keep going. Every single thing is equally important: A humble speck of dust, a flower petal heavy with morning dew, a fish swimming against the current, a bird watching this symphony unfold from its vantage point - everything. You can join in, making up worlds within worlds from different perspectives, or become an enlightened observer to this mesmerizing documentary.

The 20% discount will last until April 28, 11 AM UTC.

Everything you need to know.
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It seems as if it is trying to be what many people expected "Spore" to be....and were disappointed.
It is certainly ambitious, it remains to be seen if they can pull this off or not.
Breja: Well, I guess we can close down the wishlist. GOG just literally released everything.
No, just make a new entry for Everything: GOTY Edition (Includes the "Kitchen Sink", "Plus A Bag of Chips" and "But Wait! There's More!" DLCs)
The Steam version has a 20% release discount so why does the GOG version not have any release discount?
and all I wanted was something...
Looks interesting.
Mmmeh. To me it looks artsy yet boring...
avatar Life, the universe, and...

<span class="bold">Everything</span>
I don't need 7.5 million years to figure this one out: it's 42!
'Everything Wiggles'.

Simply astonishing, I could listen to Alan Watts for years on end...

- - -

Consider my curiosity piqued, in spite of the fact that in this game everything seems to somersault. ;)
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I doubt that you can play everything. xD
Impaler26: The Steam version has a 20% release discount so why does the GOG version not have any release discount?
So you say that it doesn't have everything..... Hmm.Maybe we have found the first bug ;).Cheers
Life, the universe, and...
all the rest?

Release: Everything sound like the ultimate wish(list) fulfilment...
But as always - it's just a game.

Kind of Existential drama in a nutshell...
Niggles: Latest walking simulator?
Given that the animals seem to somersault (poorly), rather than walk - I don't think you can call this a walking simulator.
$15 is pretty cheap for everything.
Looks alright. Didn't really click with me when watching gameplay footage.
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Imagine if GOG gave 'everything' away for free at some point in the future.
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