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Fantastic beasts and where to recruit them.

<span class="bold">EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic</span>, a charming turn-based RPG with a memorable cast of misfits, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 40% launch discount.

Amon is not much of an adventurer but when his uncle goes missing, he will gather a team of customizable companions, explore the beautiful land of Umbra, and fight to prevent a terrible calamity.

Dig deeper into EARTHLOCK with the <span class="bold">Comic Book #1</span> DLC, the <span class="bold">OST</span>, or the <span class="bold">Hero Outfit Pack</span>.

The 40% discount will last until February 15, 2PM UTC. Or get the bigger bundle discount for buying the game together with the DLCs.
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There you go Vainamoinen!
Seems like something I would play. Wishlisted for now.

P.S. The base price is too expensive in my opinion. Anyway, I almost always wait for the big discounts.
I’m not into games with that combat style but this one looks lovely, so I will do an exception . . . not until the game is finished (i.e. stopped being worked on, except for bug fixes and small improvements) and no more DLCs are released, though.
tremere110: There you go Vainamoinen!
I finished Steamworld Heist yesterday, plus Earthlock's launch discount is absolutely acceptable.

So I'll spare the devs to repeat my long woes with their ridiculous "release schedule" and will just dive into this as soon as I get home.

Oh, and:
Fuck YES! Fucking FINALLY!!! :)
Instabought! Lovely looking, and I do like a good turn-based RPG. Great discount when you throw all the goodies in the cart, and being a completionist, I did just that. :)
I'd say bug: If you add the game and one additional item, the game's discount drops to 20%.
I have this game for PS4, if you are looking for a very traditional JRPG, this one is a good choice. It has a beautiful art style and every single map looks completely different and the music is quite good too.

It isn't without flaws though. It suffers unskippable cutscenes and very slow combat.
this looks like it can be fun, wishlisted
Usually I stay away from games with JRPG-like combat, but this looks so good that I might give it a chance once the Linux version lands here. There's been an Alpha test on Steam since last September, so I hope it doesn't take too long.
This game looks really neat. Gonna wishlist this.
Bought - we've been waiting long enough for this, let's vote with our wallet!
I don't know... looks a bit to jRPG-ish to me, and the mention of crafting is always a bad sign for me.
The Outfit Pack for Mac is missing somehow. When I choose Mac and Outfit Pack on the download site it leads to the windows exe of the Outfit Pack. The same issue presists in the Galaxy Client.
OK the Outfit Pack link for Mac is now fixed. :)