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Brawn, brains, persistent blood stains.

<span class="bold">Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition</span>, the definitive package for the open-world, free-running zombie survival sensation, is now available DRM-free on with GOG Galaxy support for multiplayer, achievements and leaderboards, and a 17% launch discount.

As the light is dying, so are your chances of survival. A mysterious outbreak has turned a city's population into running, flesh-eating killers who grow severely more aggressive at night. You are also turned into a runner when your mission to retrieve some sensitive documents from the hopelessly infested city of Harran goes awry. Some people speak of a cure, some worship an aloof, self-proclaimed savior, and others fight each other for supplies or territory control. But all of them have one thing in common: they are constantly on the run.

Master the flow of your swift parkour moves and your weapon-wielding skills in order to stay alive. During the day the infected are less energetic, relying on their numbers to gang-up on you before you can scale the nearby building, overrun them with a buggy, or club them to death with your makeshift destructible weapons. But when darkness falls, the tables are turned: your enemies grow stronger, bolder, and terrifyingly more agile while unspeakable horrors crawl out of their daytime hibernation. Don't get followed or you may not live to see daybreak ever again.

Outmaneuver the flesh-eating hordes and escape your nocturnal pursuers before the <span class="bold">Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition</span> wanes completely, DRM-free on The 17% launch discount will last until March 23, 1:59 PM GMT.

The game is not available for purchase in Germany. There are legal restrictions that are beyond our control, and we're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Twitch alert

Want to see people desperately running away from the infected hordes? Tune in on and watch Memoriesin8bit and Outstar's co-op stream this Wednesday, March 16, at 9 PM GMT / 4 PM EST / 22:00 CET / 1 PM PST.
sixsixfive: no LNX release, another game better to be bought on Steam than on GOG which sells only the lazy windows version.
Asrashas: Well, maintaining different releases of a game can be difficult. And in the end the decision is made by the Publisher/Developer.
And as it has been said a few times, the AoW3 Dev stated that the sales from GOG are not enough to go out and make a Linux version for GOG.

Here's the post:
I can very well imagine that it is for mostly the same reason that we don't get Dying Lights Linux version here.
But a comment from a dev or someone from GOG would be nice nonetheless.
Not having a Linux version of The Witcher 3 is all you need to know about whether it's financially viable to make a Linux release to be sold specifically on GOG or not.
Maybe it is for a small dev where say another 500 copies sold can matter a lot, but it's clearly not viable for a AAA release, where preparing it can cost 6 figures.
Waiting for the Linux version!
NodCommander: Waiting for the Linux version!
There will be no further Linux-version: GOG doesn't really care about the Galaxy-client available for Linux and so the game will stay that way until we've got another DRM-method on free os. Nothing more will Galaxy be. This is not optional and from my point of view it's better having DRM-shit run on Windows.
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Interesting fact about GOG's Dying Light release ; )
Good release. Shame it doesn't have crossplay though. :)
AlienMind: So, is it (LAN / Direct IP)? Or is it not?
mobutu: In the future, try checking the game's forum too ;)
Thank you, foresighting friend
synfresh: It's ironic that in a DRM-Free store that at one time disavowed it'self from clients, it is a client that has a direct impact on what does and does not get released here, especially where it concerns newer, AAA titles.
What's also pretty hilarious: When you're sitting in front of your AAA title, having the server browser open, galaxy running in the background, and a guy walks next to you and asks you: How is this any different than Steam?, you gotta have to say: it isn't.

Project Zomboid did that one right. Direct-IP connect FTW.
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AlienMind: How is this any different than Steam?, you gotta have to say: it isn't.
You could show him this.
And Dying Light does have LAN multiplayer as well, that doesn't need Galaxy.
i stopped buying from GOG because i didn't see an interest in supporting linux, i'm not here to trooling or provoking people, it's just that i'm upset for the lack of support and this windows-only release is another nail in the coffin from gog.

valve is all about linux, with a client, almost all of their games ported and even an OS.

the most important thing for me is cloud saving, because i build pcs and it's very easy for me to potentially erase some save files; and guess what.. steam's cloud saving work perfectly with both linux native and windows' games running through wine.

i don't know if gog is going to release a linux client but i don't care anymore, i will still continue to vote for linux ports and other wishlist related to linux though. I actually appreciate gog's drm-free mission and hope the best for them.

as for dying light i think it's incredible how they didn't even wrote a line on the release note about the missing linux version, jesus, this is how you upset people to the max..

a funny fact is that bot Gog and Techland are from Poland and the game was ported by the techland's linux team (2 polish guys), you can see the linux release's presentation here:

if i were gog (so polish) i would have been super proud to have also the linux port in here, just to support the work of those 2 young gentlemen.

i think this time also some windows users are genuinely displeased and a bit upset for the treatment that their poor linux cousins have received...
Just written a post and it hasn't appeared after 10 to 15 minutes, if it is above this now, it wasn't when I posted this.
I reloaded to check.

Are the Forum servers struggling with the load?

Strange this appeared straight away, but that's the second disappearing post, in a row.

Original repeated here in this edit.

I don't use Linux, purely due to games, I detest Windows 10 and am not moving from 7, for now.
Vulcan holds the potential to make any OS play games at the same quality, so Linux may become a viable gaming platform, even though I could stay on 7 and still use Vulcan, instead of DX12, I will switch anyway, only games keep me on windows.

I know little of the details, but it occurs to me the problem with GOG support for games that used to be Steam exclusives, especially the AAA kind like Metro and Dying LIght, may only offer their Linux support using Steams internal Linux support.

I know for a fact, that KOTOR 2 on Steam is incompatible with all non Steam releases, including the original and GOG releases. Though I'll be ever grateful for Steam selling me their old broken versions, before refunds existed.
It led to my discovering GOG's DRM free versions, and thus was my best ever Steam purchase.
10 years of mods, technically no longer work on Steam, nor vice versa. I say technically, because as the Steam releases were incompatible with W7, or modern hardware, the newer the PC, the harder it was to run at all.

Then when Steam OS appeared, it was Steam alone that upgraded the game, the original Publisher and devs, were not involved, Linux support on Steam is only to support Steam OS/Big Picture mode and is not available anywhere, but on Steam.

Contractual obligations will most likely stop all the companies involved from discussing these facts, publicly though I have no evidence, this is the actual problem, i suspect Steam is behind it, more than GOG.
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I've looked and looked there is no DRM free demo. I can't believe it, why would a demo be steam only !! Why not direct download from the dev at least (facepalm)

:( :( :(
styggron: I've looked and looked there is no DRM free demo. I can't believe it, why would a demo be steam only !! Why not direct download from the dev at least (facepalm)

:( :( :(
Steam Exclusive deal, is the most likely reason for that. GOG can only provide what the Publisher allows them to, so look to Techland, not GOG for your DRM free demo, if they allow GOG to provide it, they will.
Flashy release. But I'll need a better computer first.
AlienMind: What's also pretty hilarious: When you're sitting in front of your AAA title, having the server browser open, galaxy running in the background, and a guy walks next to you and asks you: How is this any different than Steam?, you gotta have to say: it isn't.
Try starting the game without Galaxy installed it will work, guess what will happen with the steam version.

So many morons here... only PC gamers are probably naive enough to still believe that we will get DRM free online multiplayer games *facepalm*
Be happy that dying light has a DRM free LAN and SP most of the games these days either force you to be online or don't bother supporting LAN.

For those who still don't get it either GOG supports MP DRM with Galaxy or the developers/publishers will never release their AAA titles on GOG because non of them will bother removing their MP just to release a SP version of the game on GOG.
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This was released before Witcher 3, yet Witcher 3 has been reduced and this hasn't. I know, I'll wait another year! :-)

omega64: Yup, happened with crypt of the necrodancer, dev wanted to wait to release the Linux build here until Galaxy release.
Took out leaderboards and released it anyway due to outrage.
GOG probably made it sound like Galaxy would be arriving soon.