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The bold and the beautiful.

Dragon's Lair Trilogy is now available DRM-free on It contains both Dragon's Lair games, plus their sci-fi cousin Space Ace.

Even if you've never tried Dragon's Lair or Dragon's Lair: Time Warp before, it's hard to ignore their pop-culture footprint. A pretty straightforward story of a heroic knight braving all sorts of traps to save a princess in distress, made into an arcade legend thanks to the fluid animation, beautiful cartoon visuals, and...erm...challenging QTEs that bankrupted many a wee lad.

Its sci-fi counterpart, Space Ace, stars the intrepid Ace as he tries to grow the hell up and win back the lovely Kimberly. Would be nice if he could also thwart Borf's unsavory plan and save the rest of humanity from being reduced to defenseless infants.

All three games have been remastered and contain sweet extras, like interviews with the creators or insights on how their amazing animation came to be.
Too hard, it offends me. Take them down!
Ha ha ha!!!! Awesome.

Will definitely buy this on sale.

I can't tell you how amazing an experience this machine was back in the '80s. Or rather, if you had the opportunity to watch somebody play it who knew what they were doing.
Thanks a lot GOG, instabought. It was nonsense to reject them in the first place.

They seem to be expensive at first glance, but we buy all 3 games together for less than seperately on the "other store".

Now PLEASE bring "Braindead 13", it would complete the collection.

The "American Laser Games" would be nice, too. Total trash/camp, but MILES over the stream of shite that is pulled into stores (note here...) today. ^^
£16.99? That's a substantial regional price bump for the UK. Edit: and looking it up, it's £2.80 extra. That is steep.

I (just about) remember the original Dragon's Lair, and the buzz about how amazing it looked in 1983, but it cost way too much for my meagre pocket money so I'm not sure I ever played it (or the later games).

So add me to the pile marked "interested, but not at this price". I'll wishlist and wait it out until there's a big (50% or more) discount.
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Great to have the trilogy on GOG, such amazing memories but will frustrate a modern gamer no doubt and will probably wonder if they are actually games at all but yes it's slightly overpriced and £12 would have been a more accurate price but great work neverless.
ikrananka: Can someone from GOG please comment on what version/quality these releases are.
That'd be nice. (In my case just because I meant to add it as new platform for the MobyGames entry and not sure whether I can do that or it'd need a new one, also considering those mentioned extras.)
But if you click to open original image, you see the screenshots are 1920x1080. Not sure if that really means anything though, as they could just be upscaled.
It is so awesome to see these games get a DRM-Free release. Thank you for bringing these here, GOG! However, the price is a bit steep simply because I have already bought these games numerous times. I have the PC DVD-ROM versions, the Wii bundle and the digital downloads on PS3. If we can get even a 25% discount, I'll bite. Full price is just too much to swallow for me when I already have so many options to play them. Still, I will add them to my GOG shelf eventually.
I have heard many bad things about this game/interactive movie - instabuy! :D

Thank you, GOG :)
Tarhiel: I have heard many bad things about this game/interactive movie - instabuy! :D
Hmm, it seems GOG waited till summer to release all the classic titles this year. Keep them coming!
Anyone knows how this compares to Steam versions?
high rated
So, checked the games a bit. They seem to be remastered, not identical to the old DVD I think.

You get one installer for all games and choose the game you want at the start menu (you choose the arcade cabinet of the wanted game). Copyright is from 2016, seems much newer than the version on steam?

You can play all games in 16:9 widescreen OR "pillarboxed 4:3" with a simulated arcade mode (scanlines, arcade cabinet on all 4 sides).

There is a move list helper auto-activated at the beginning, but you can turn it off.

"Dragon's Lair " has both modes, arcade and home. There are some extras in the extras section of each game, DL1 has interviews, DL2 has the deleted Scene, the attract mode for all games was put in the extra section, too.

A "movie mode" just for watching is included, too, seperated in chapters.

And there is a language auto-detection. Mine startet in german and I have not found a way to turn that off (games are of cause voiced in english, but the menues are in german). :)
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Oh good, GOG turned one of their previous bad decidions around. An apology to Degica is next right?

Question: I see mobile phone-esque icons in all of the screenshots cluttering up the screen. Can you turn them off and play with just the original arcade version's flashing indicators?

Edit: I see Anime-BlackWolf already answered my questions.
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I was just watching the Noclip documentary about GOG, had no idea they go thru so much just to get a game in the platform, so I was already loving it more than ever, and when I log in today I see this, Dragon's lair trilogy, man, can't thank you guys enough
Are these different from the Steam versions? The HUD display from the screenshots looks a bit different... and there is no Mac/Linux version.

timppu: I always preferred Space Ace
Ditto. I actually owned the Amiga version. So many floppies! It was also missing quite a few scenes from the arcade version, but I still loved it.

Anime-BlackWolf: There is a move list helper auto-activated at the beginning, but you can turn it off.
Has that to do with the ugly button overlay shown in the screenshots? I really would not want to see that.
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