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The bold and the beautiful.

Dragon's Lair Trilogy is now available DRM-free on It contains both Dragon's Lair games, plus their sci-fi cousin Space Ace.

Even if you've never tried Dragon's Lair or Dragon's Lair: Time Warp before, it's hard to ignore their pop-culture footprint. A pretty straightforward story of a heroic knight braving all sorts of traps to save a princess in distress, made into an arcade legend thanks to the fluid animation, beautiful cartoon visuals, and...erm...challenging QTEs that bankrupted many a wee lad.

Its sci-fi counterpart, Space Ace, stars the intrepid Ace as he tries to grow the hell up and win back the lovely Kimberly. Would be nice if he could also thwart Borf's unsavory plan and save the rest of humanity from being reduced to defenseless infants.

All three games have been remastered and contain sweet extras, like interviews with the creators or insights on how their amazing animation came to be.
That reminds me, there's another one alot like this called Brain Dead 13.

Wishlist link:
Okay IFW and Frodo, a big thanks to you people too and i can confidently say i can avoid it now personally from what you have described.
XYCat: how frequent are the QTEs though?
Think of it this way:

These "games" were basically animated movies which would require you to constantly push a button or move your joystick to one of the four directions, at precise times. Failing to do that, it would show you a dying animation and you'd have to "re-play" (re-view) the scene.

It was quite much about memorization, ie. by repetition, you learned by heart when to do what.

The main attraction of these games were of course the splendid visuals and audio, compared to other arcade games of the time. After all, these had movie-level graphics and music, as that what they basically were, movies. If you played e.g. Space Ace in the arcade hall, people would gather around the machine to see the "movie", as it was quite rare someone was good enough to play it through, most would just abandon the game as they'd keep dying in the first parts over and over again. You had to be persistent to master the game (memorization). You'd be like the ultimate nerdy hero if the whole arcade hall, if you finished e.g. Space Ace in the Hard difficulty level (which I mastered many times).

The games have mostly nostalgic value nowadays (which is why I am buying them), but if interested, I am sure you can see the whole playthroughs on Youtube.
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Lucian_Galca: That reminds me, there's another one alot like this called Brain Dead 13.

Wishlist link:
Would be awesome as well if that one would make it to GOG! :D
Laserdisc trash. :D

The animations were ok for the time but those Dragon's Lair "games" are absolutely no fun to play.
A very nice addition to the catalogue. It might not be a very good game, but it's a classic for sure.
Oh, nice! A part of videogame history.

Not interested at all in playing it... but nice! :D
Lucian_Galca: That reminds me, there's another one alot like this called Brain Dead 13.

Wishlist link:
The memories are strong with this one. I'd love to see it come to GOG.
Waaay too expensive. Come on GOG.
Stil more of a game than those waling simulators.
Fantastic! Though, to be honest, I'm not sure if I'm ready to go though all that frustration again :D
I don't like these games, but they sure are pretty and do bring me some pleasant memories of old friends. Glad to see them released.
Ok I couldn't wait longer, bought. I just realized I've never played the sequels of Dragon's Lair, only the first game and Space Ace. That made my buy it now so I can check the sequel.
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Standing in line as a kid, waiting to plunk down, what was it $2 (every other game 25 cents), to have at this machine.

The game was little more than a gimmick, but arcades, remember those?, had lines around the block waiting to play this thing.

I can't push 19.99 but on the wishlist she goes. I know I won't be able to resist the nostalgia tractor beam for too long. :P
Yeah, I remember a mob of people around the machine. Then a few months later, no one ever played it. The laserdisc games had quite a backlash because of the expense and QTE gameplay.

I have the versions they released that you can play through your DVD player, and despite the limited nature of the gameplay I still like to play them sometimes. The animation is just beautiful and a lot of the ways you can die make me laugh.
Okay, I would've posted something here about how I could pick up the DVD or Bluray versions for a few dollars a piece - but I checked and it turns out they're out of print and stupidly expensive, so yeah...

...but I still agree that $20 is a bit much for a bunch of cartoons with QTEs attached. I don't care if these are part of video game history and have lots of nostalgic value for many - that's just what they are. Cartoons with QTEs.

That said, they look a lot more fun than whatever the hell Quantic Dreams just put out.
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