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The bold and the beautiful.

Dragon's Lair Trilogy is now available DRM-free on It contains both Dragon's Lair games, plus their sci-fi cousin Space Ace.

Even if you've never tried Dragon's Lair or Dragon's Lair: Time Warp before, it's hard to ignore their pop-culture footprint. A pretty straightforward story of a heroic knight braving all sorts of traps to save a princess in distress, made into an arcade legend thanks to the fluid animation, beautiful cartoon visuals, and...erm...challenging QTEs that bankrupted many a wee lad.

Its sci-fi counterpart, Space Ace, stars the intrepid Ace as he tries to grow the hell up and win back the lovely Kimberly. Would be nice if he could also thwart Borf's unsavory plan and save the rest of humanity from being reduced to defenseless infants.

All three games have been remastered and contain sweet extras, like interviews with the creators or insights on how their amazing animation came to be.
low rated
PassiveZombie: Whatever happened to "Escape from Singe's Castle?" Did that not make the trilogy, or was it renamed?
Early Dragon's Lair ports had scenes removed to better fit the game on media of the time so it wasn't the full experience from the original Laserdisc. Escape From Singe's castle was just more scenes from the original game, and together (when installed on HDD at least the Amiga version, the only one that I can really speak of) it made for a more full Dragon's Lair experience.

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I well remember Dragon's Lair and Space Ace from the arcade days. 50 cents a pop compared to the normal quarter-per-play of other arcade games. This is actually the only laserdisc game I have ever finished, even to this day. It was quite a thrill to have memorized all the moves and finally rescue the princess. Once people started learning the game, operators started their dirty tricks. The one I remember most was them turning off the move sound that told people when the move registered- the controls were actually not always active. Sometimes you had to move the joystick a few times listening to the (no) (no) (no) (blip!) to know you properly made the move

As for Space Ace, I played that one almost as much but never got more than 80-90% of the way through. Dragon's Lair II Timewarp I never saw in an arcade, only ports of it, like on Amiga. I never finished it, but I remember using the cheat code to watch the computer play through the game.

There were other me-too games in the style of Dragon's Lair. One I remember well was Cliff Hanger, a game which I later learned was from the anime Lupin III. This game has TWO action buttons, adding to the complexity, labeled "Hands" and "Feet" I believe. Needless to say, never having finished even Space Ace I never got very far in this game.
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There was also a "Dragon's Lair 3" that was only released on computers and was comprised of scenes that were cut for the home ports of Dragon's Lair 2 - plus a scene that was apparently cut from the original arcade version of DL2. I think there was a similar DOS/Amiga only "sequel" to Space Ace.

You know, the more I think about these games, the more my attitude towards them softens. I also had no idea this was a hugely requested set of games that GOG's curation was being silly about. Out of interest, I watched a long YouTube video of a guy acquiring an original 1983 arcade cabinet and restoring it. You get to see him open the machine up and it's literally a Laserdisc player (a model available to home consumers no less) connected to a circuit board via a SCSI cable. It's rather adorable. The actual disc containing the animation is ginormous and really fragile.

Despite having seen these games in action and knowing a fair amount about them, I've never actually played any of them. This collection would be a nice way for me to give them a shot, but I'm stlll put off by the price tag and the apparent technical issues people are having. Maybe during the Winter Sale...
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After being really excited about this and thinking it would a great add to a PC based DRM free arcade cabinet I have had for years, I think I'm going to back-burner a purchase until the technical issues are cleared up. I appreciate the heads up from all that are posting here. Even at $20, this would be an insta-buy, but it needs to not be so severely cropped, and have the option to remove the cabinet art/button guide before it will work for my purposes. Hope to hear this is the case soon!
avatar Dragon's Lair Trilogy
Why is it called Trilogy but there is no DL3? I do not understand that....
tinyE: I was too young. I played it once, got shoved out of the way by an older kid, .
Sorry about that mate ;)

wow a good old game, wished... I figure they already have my money for this game so I'll wait for a sale

p.s, Thanks Gog, you rock!
Dragon's Lair Timewarp was simply AMAZING. The Beethoven and Alice in Wonderland level are so great.

Thanks for bringing them back!! <3
tinyE: Standing in line as a kid, waiting to plunk down, what was it $2 (every other game 25 cents), to have at this machine.
I was never so bitterly disappointed by an arcade game as I was by Dragons Lair.

Like everyone else, the graphics had my eyes absolutely popping out of my head -- the attract mode blew my mind. I'd never wanted to play a game so much in my life.

I'd seen other kids play it and I knew that they failed a lot -- so I was expecting it to be hard... I wasn't expecting the few coins I had to last long. But I was expecting to be able to make it through a few screens at least. What I didn't understand was that the physical properties of the controls bore absolutely no relationship to the gameplay.

I mean, joysticks are obvious, right? Left, right, up down -- they make sense. If you need the character to move in a certain direction, you move the stick in that direction....?

Thus it was that the machine ate my money and mercilessly subjected me to the same repeated scene of the demise of Dirk the Daring at his very first obstacle, as each time I desperately moved the joystick in the direction that he needed to move to avoid the danger, thinking "I'm too slow... I must need to act quicker!"

I can't remember whether it was at the time or at some later point that I finally understood -- and then the real loathing began. I felt genuinely betrayed. The game required you to *guess* the correct (and completely arbitrary) action at each and every obstacle -- and once you had guessed wrong for the third time it was Game Over and your money was gone -- money which would have occupied you for a vastly longer and more enjoyable duration in *absolutely any other game*. Who designs a game that way?! (Cut to the future when QTEs re-emerged under that new label, and I was asking much the same question, probably with much the same expression on my face...)

I hate you, Dragon's Lair. Always have, always will. You and your miserable pathetic excuse for gameplay.

(And 35 years later you're *still* stupidly expensive... WTF?)
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Shadowcat: (And 35 years later you're *still* stupidly expensive... WTF?)
But now it's not going to eat coins anymore! :-P
paladin181: Whoo! About time!!!! Great games, and so glad to see them here! I just spent $400 on my wife's birthday, but this is the top of the list for next month's gaming budget!!!

So what are you going to play this month? Your wife? Good luck with that, I bet it is like some kind of QTE game where you have to react fast to anything she says, right?
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I have the DVD releases, I've got the trilogy on Blu-ray video, now I'll just need to get the digital DRM-free version and my collection will be complete :-P

Now, if could get McDog McRee and the other laser-disc arcade games as well...
paladin181: Whoo! About time!!!! Great games, and so glad to see them here! I just spent $400 on my wife's birthday, but this is the top of the list for next month's gaming budget!!!
OT Joke. and sit down, it's a long one! :P

Guy is at a Green Bay Packers game and he keeps looking down from his seats to some on the first row, 50 yard line, where this guy is sitting there next to an empty seat. The entire first half, just that guy next to the empty seat.

Overcome with curiosity, during half time he makes his way down to the guy and introduces himself. He asks him, "Sorry to bother, but you have the two best seats in the entire stadium and I can't help but notice that during the game, one of the remains empty."

"Oh yes," the guy replies. "This other seat belonged to my wife. For forty years, every single Packer game, we game and sat here in these seats. Unfortunately she passed away and I was never able to find anyone else to take the seat and go to the games with me."

"Oh geeze, that's terrible," the other guy says. "But how is it you weren't able to find anyone else to go to the games with you? Don't you have any friends, any other family at all?"

"Oh sure I do!" the guy says. "But they're all at the funeral."
Like I said before, it's just a memory test.
And at £17, it's a very expensive memory test.

So what are you going to play this month? Your wife? Good luck with that, I bet it is like some kind of QTE game where you have to react fast to anything she says, right?
There's also quick reflex sections, and the ... ahem... dating sim sections. I like those too. >.> I've said too much. :D
I am older than this game and while I do respect that to some this may be the greatest of all time, I cannot for the life of me see the logic of an MSRP of 20$ for a 35 year old game. Happy its here for those who want this. I however cannot see my way clear to even look in this direction on simple economic practicality if nothing else.