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A strange letter from a friend sowed seeds of uncertainty. Now you travel around the rooms of Livingstone's mansion to find out the truth. Use logical thinking, puzzle-solving skills, and perceptiveness to delve into the house and unravel the mystery.

Dr Livingstone, I Presume? is now available on GOG.COM along with a 10% discount that will last until 5th August 2021, 1 PM UTC!

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high rated
Worth mentioning - the game has a demo version available here.
this is a pretty cool escape room-like with no jump scares and whatnot. unfortunately, it lacks polish and it's kinda buggy (e.g. I couldn't make graphics detail go anywhere above low), but the developer is active (on steam anyway) and ready to fix saves if something goes wrong. of course, it'd be better if the game itself got patched to address recurring issues.
For a moment, I thought this was a remake of the classic OperaSoft game...
Nothing to do with it, I Presume.
Lone_Scout: For a moment, I thought this was a remake of the classic OperaSoft game...
Exactly my first thought, too, after reading the title. :)
For those too young to remember:

Edit: not to forget the text adventure "African Adventure - In Search for Dr. Livingston" (sic!)
I think, I never got far in that.
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Doesn't look like my cup of tea, but I'll give the demo a shot and we'll see.
As someone who read MAD Magazine a lot I start giggling when I read "Dr Livingstone I presume?"

Really looking forward to this game! I will check out the demo and go from there.
Looks alright.
Damn! Thought of wrong game again.