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I don't trust that thing.

Distrust is now available DRM-free. Get it 75% off until January 30th, 2PM UTC.

Isolated in an Arctic base after a helicopter crash, a group of unlucky survivors will soon turn against each other as the place starts playing tricks on their minds. A tense survival/adventure that recreates John Carpenter's "The Thing" in delightfully chilling fashion. Try it in co-op with a friend you always knew was not to be trusted.
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Looks cool, instabuy at this discount.
edit: wrong thread -_-
i need mah coffee
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This looks REALLY nice.

Day is looking up.
Instabought! Been waiting for it for some time. Thank you Alawar and GOG team! <3
is this game good?
Well, The Thing is one of the greatest horror flicks of all time...

How does this game play? I can't tell from the trailer. Is it like an action RPG... real-time... turn-based?
Looks good. Isometric and based on The Thing, I have to give this a try! :)
I am interested in opinions about this game as well.
It seems really good, but I'd like to hear from someone who actually played it.
Based on the concept it looks promising. I'd also love to see The Thing here on GOG.
The Thing is a great film, but that has no relevance to whether or not this game is good.

Is the game good?

I definitely respect the devs for adding Achievements on GOG instead of leaving them out as so many lesser devs do.
Its a good game. I bought it over at the crytivo store a few months ago. It is DRM free there as well. For the sale price I might grab it here just to have it at GOG and to support the devs getting the game here.
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Devs (if you're reading), is there any plan to bring this to Linux?
For that price I think I'll try it :)