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The new adventures of your favorite gang are here! Desperados III: Money for the Vultures - Part 3: Once More With Feeling is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM with a 20% discount lasting until 10th November 2020, 4 PM UTC.

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ThomNG: Enjoy!
Sure, as soon as the Linux version is available here, DRM-free ;)
ThomNG: Enjoy!
Thanks, will do! :-)
ThomNG: Enjoy!
Can't, since Nordic has decided the Linux version "is not worth providing here". What's the point in having the game ported over and then you provide it only on Steam.

Suffice to say that such a move has prompted me not to buy anything Nordic-Related until this matter is resolved.

For the record I emailed Mimimi a few weeks ago and this was their response:

Thanks for your email! We always appreciate feedback from our fans.

We understand your disappointment. However, this is a topic that is handled and coordinated by the publisher THQ Nordic. They are in charge of the publishing topics, which also involves the release strategy for the different platforms. We're focusing on making the best game possible.
It's best if you reach out to them directly on Discord or here: The more people let them know that they want a Mac / Linux release for GoG the better!
Just because I buy from GOG and not Steam, I don't think I have to beg to get the Linux version here, and neither do the other Linux users.
Post edited November 04, 2020 by Ganni1987