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Be decisive. Be deadly. Be Delta Force.

<span class="bold">Delta Force</span>, a series of highly tactical FPSs where your reflexes are as important as your planning, is now available, DRM-free on! Get them separately for 66% off or grab them all together for 75% off.

In war, sometimes tactics are all you can rely on to pull off that surgical hit which will decide the victor. Delta Force has tactics in spades, from the series' <span class="bold">original game</span> to <span class="bold">Delta Force 2</span>, <span class="bold">Delta Force: Land Warrior</span>, <span class="bold">Delta Force: Task Force Dagger</span>, and the intense later entries, <span class="bold">Black Hawk Down</span> and <span class="bold">Delta Force: Xtreme</span>. That means you must make all necessary preparations and work together with your team of special operatives as you head in and try to assassinate high-profile targets, sabotage enemy equipment, or escort key personnel to safety. Not an easy task, but hey, there's a reason it was assigned to you!

To further enhance your <span class="bold">Delta Force</span> experience, we've included some minor fixes, courtesy of the great people over at the <span class="bold">NovaHQ community</span>. These do not alter the games in any way -graphically or otherwise- but they do iron out some bugs and offer a fully-functional multiplayer solution via the community servers. This applies to all games except Delta Force: Xtreme.

NOTE: Access to the official NovaWorld lobbies for online multiplayer is currently not available. We're working on resolving this issue and will keep you posted on our progress.

The 66/75% discounts will last until March 27, 2 PM UTC.
Oh yes. Delta Force!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Nordic!!!!!!!

and !!!!!!!
Nice launch price!
Ah. Brings back memories. Nice releases.
Insta-buy for more classics on GOG.

Next up: Comanche and Armored Fist?
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Thank you gog

Insta wishlisted
Good to see more old releases but those Delta Farce games are not for me. :D

Also noticed that Delta Force 1+2 only cost 4,99 € on Steam while they cost 5,69 € on GOG.

And where is <span class="bold">Delta Force Xtreme 2</span> ??
Post edited March 23, 2017 by Impaler26
omg every single Delta Force game?!?!?
Where is Chuck Norris ???
Wow, that´s a broad lineup!
high rated
Enjoy these awesome jewels on GOG :)

@Impaler26: 4.99 is no price point GOG is supporting so we chose the closest one. Hope the good release discount will handle that small disadvantage - it is not our choice as you may guess.

@damien: not every - Xtreme 2 is still missing - we hope to bring it soon as well but there are some circumstances on that version to overcome first.
Shame that ya can't redeem some of the Delta Force games via CD key here. I actually own Delta Force 1 on a CD. Nevertheless, I am grabbin DF2 right now.

Many thanks THQ Nordic and! :D
Nice, the earlier ones are hideous of course.
But they didn't look great when they were first released.
Still.. voxels!
And moon jump!
Ah the memories.
Totally not my cup of tea and yet I think it's a great addition to GOG's catalogue. And with the launch discount I will probably still pick up one or two of the games to give them at least a try.
I wishlisted Black Hawk Down, but thanks for the nice additions.

P.S : Black Hawk Dawn was released in 2003 and Team Sabre in 2004, so 2009 on the gamecard is wrong !
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