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Careful, there's a beverage here.

UPDATE: Cuphead has just been updated and -besides the various fixes and improvements- it now has GOG Galaxy Achievements support! Time to let everyone know how all these Game Overs helped you git gud, people.

Cuphead is now available, DRM-free on
A quirky and colorful run & gun side scroller drawing from the wonderfully twisted cartoons of the 1930s. Go solo as the titular Cuphead or team up with the equally trigger-happy Mugman to take on devilishly gleeful bosses with your ever-growing powers.

Crazy for its tunes? Grab the OST separately.

Watch the trailer.
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finkleroy: I don't see an in-game option to disable vibration, there doesn't seem to be a way to turn it off in Windows, either, so unless there's a config file I can edit to turn it off, I'd have to take apart the gamepad and remove the part that causes it to rumble.
Painted_Doll: You have to wait for a patch .
It's good that they're aware of the issue and are working to fix it. I hope they release patches here at the same time as they do on Steam.
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low rated
No acvievments? I regret my purchase on GoG.... should have bough it on the Windows store or steam -.-'''
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StorkV88: No acvievments? I regret my purchase on GoG.... should have bough it on the Windows store or steam -.-'''
I was also wondering about the achievements because it's really a game suited for that. Finishing it can be done rather quickly if you are good at this type of game but the achievements can push you going.

Where we differ however is in the way you express your request. Before whining about this absence, it would be more helpful to ask if GOG has any idea regarding a future availability. I noticed the past few weeks a great improvement in terms of communication on the forum (regular blue answers providing useful info) so let's encourage this and be positive (the find a solution way) instead of the opposite (the whining way).

Edit: fixed a few typos
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darthspudius: Looks like a smashing game. Has been getting some serious feedback. Though I've heard the tutorial is extremely difficult to pass.
tremere110: I hear the game itself is extremely difficult. Don't know if that is because game journalists are rallying behind one of their own or because it's genuinely hard. Will wait for more reviews from non-journalist players.
This one good enough?
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Finished in 4h48min. 100% in less than 5 hours? I hoped for at least 10h of gameplay, shame.
Does someone know if I buy the game now, will I get the Linux version when it releases(if ever) without paying again?
I'm really interested in this game and would be playing it with wine in the mean time
Very nice! I've been waiting for this for a long time :) What's up with the price though? It's 185kr (28kr back in wallet funds) here, but 140kr on Steam.. :|
Badigadi: Does someone know if I buy the game now, will I get the Linux version when it releases(if ever) without paying again?
Extra platforms are added at no charge. The only question is whether there will be a Linux port and whether it will be released on GOG at all.
"This video is unavailable."
ValamirCleaver: "This video is unavailable."
Oh, dammit! I apparently managed to cut off the last character in the URI.
Here's the correct one. Updated my previous post as well.
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What's with price increase?
iRevolt: What's with price increase?

Still $19,99 for me. Might be an adjustment for your region/currency.
Quite a tough game but I am managing. I really enjoy it.
It plays nice on keyboard, just finished world one and the only issues I found were that confirm/interact stays on default (z) after rebinding, which doesn't come up at all in levels so not really a big deal, and that when loading the screen can freeze for a few seconds ala source games.

Other than that, they managed to do beautiful animations and have the game run at 60fps, so 30 for AAA games just got even more unreasonable.

Also, don't know if anyone's proposed this yet but an amiibo of cuphead would look amazing.
Almost bought it , but after i watched some gameplay videos i'm glad i didn't . It's too fast for me .