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Special-Agent Quest

<span class="bold">Codename: ICEMAN</span> a classic true-to-form Sierra adventure, is available now DRM-free on

If you're not quite familiar with Sierra's Police Quest-style adventures, you can expect the following: grounded realism based on actual military procedure, plenty of challenge, delightfully retro text-based commands, and a rewarding experience like none other.

If you are familiar with Sierra-style adventuring you know just what you're up against – this is your chance to step into the shoes of a Naval Officer on a quest to rescue "the ambassador" and prevent total war. To succeed you'll have to be persuasive, be creative, and you'll even have to learn how to pilot a submarine – manual included, thankfully.
I didn't know what to buy myself for easter gift - and now I do :-D

EDIT: Wait...No XP support? Isn't it a DOSBox game ?
EDIT2: It runs on ScummVM..They've drop XP support?

EDIT3: I've bought and ran it a bit - everything seems to work just fine.
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Yay old Sierra game.
Still waiting for a nice sale, but fun release.
How is it possible to not support Windows XP?
trusteft: How is it possible to not support Windows XP?
Microsoft found a way :)
Excellent! Thanks to GOG and Activision for this release! Looking forward to seeing Conquests of the Longbow and Conquests of Camelot.
mmm.... I was first excited to see a new Sierra adventure game but upon reading the description, the mix of gameplays left me a bit doubtful and then, upon checking the HG101 review, I've even more mixed feelings about it.

Maybe you could read this before blind-buying it, so you'll have more infos:

Video of all the ways you can lose at this game (52 minutes):
catpower1980: ***SPOILERS***
Video of all the ways you can lose at this game (52 minutes):
Yep, so basically it is typical of Sierra adventures of the time.

If you save often (and on different slots), be persistent and try to avoid using a walkthrough until you are truly and thoroughly stuck, then you will get quite a bit of enjoyment at least out of the first section of the game (which I think is worth the price of admission);f=1

Aaprt from the eye melting gfx, nice to see another good OLD game in the catalog! :p
...or how I sunk my own Sub a hundred times :D

("I don't need no stinking manuals, I played Silent Service!" sunk again).

Pro Tip: When in doubt check the manuals (i.e. guide to save someone from nearly drowning); its kind of a light copy-protection with stuff needed in game which is described in manuals.
Wishlisted, but I will wait for a sale.
I really do wonder what Activision is doing with all the localisations of "their" games that do exist but simply aren't being used in digital distributions. When I saw this announced I knew it would be English only - as usual. And as usual I won't buy because of that.
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"This game is powered by ScummVM"

Good to see that. Thanks GOG dude, you know who you are ;)
Another classic Sierra game. I like where this is going.