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Special-Agent Quest

<span class="bold">Codename: ICEMAN</span> a classic true-to-form Sierra adventure, is available now DRM-free on

If you're not quite familiar with Sierra's Police Quest-style adventures, you can expect the following: grounded realism based on actual military procedure, plenty of challenge, delightfully retro text-based commands, and a rewarding experience like none other.

If you are familiar with Sierra-style adventuring you know just what you're up against – this is your chance to step into the shoes of a Naval Officer on a quest to rescue "the ambassador" and prevent total war. To succeed you'll have to be persuasive, be creative, and you'll even have to learn how to pilot a submarine – manual included, thankfully.
Risingson: Eco Quest 1 and 2 and Peppers are very similar games, but the rest are different. When you say "not my kind of game" you mean that you don't like any kind of adventure game?
Jenny_mp3: I meant Willy Beamish and Codename: ICEMAN aren't my kind of games. I loved the Eco Quest games and Conquests of the Longbow.
Yes but... but they are very different kind of games. Willy Beamish is a well designed adventure games with clear objectives, Codename: Iceman... is not. One is comedic, the other one is not. One has icons, the other has text. One is a parody, the other tries to be serious. One is cartoon like, the other is not. Etc.
Senteria: Uh no? I see it as 5.59 euro with no money back because of price difference so you must be mistaken. Unless its even cheaper in russia or poland
Ghorpm: Apparently in your region it's not but it is so in Poland - see attachment. Sure, 0.10 zł is almost nothing but it's the concept of regionally priced oldies that I don't agree with.
Strange how it is more expensive in your region. You'd think the opposite.
Never thought Codename would ever make it to GOG as, well, it's not exactly considered as one of Sierra's best games, but I'm really glad that it is here! Always been curious about it, even if it was a flawed one. Plus, that means there's still a big chance some of the other Sierra games (like already mentioned: the Conquest games, Manhunter series, Dr. Brain series, the Mixed-Up games, Ecoquest 1&2, Pepper's Adventures in Time, Shivers 1&2, Lighthouse, etc etc) will one day be released here as well. I said it before, and will say it again: keep them Sierra releases coming please! :-) Thanks GOG!
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tfishell: There are still quite a few Sierra games that could come...
mistermumbles: Pssh. 3D Ultra Pinball is the only thing we need.
I disagree. We also need the Ultra 3D Minigolf and Lionel Train Town......

And speaking of Activision games with a espionage/military background, The Soldier Of Fortune Games would be a nice addition to GOG, but apparently they are another game caught in legal hell with who owns the rights in dispute.
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Exoanthrope: Well, pretty much those, yeah. I'd just like to see gog have the whole catalogue.
rgnrk: As far as I know:

The Black Cauldron (1986)


And if the add the dynamix games (and we should):

Rise Of The Dragon (1990) - 1st Person, Dynamix
Heart Of China (1991) - 1st Person, Dynamix
Rama (1996) - 1st Person, Dynamix
Good Luck with Black Cauldron. That game has Disney IP and unless rights to the code reverted back to Disney, then it's gonna be a while till we see it again. Especially since Disney and Acttivision don't like coming to the table when it comes to IP ownership. BTW, I want it too since I heard it was good game and you should add in Arctic Fox\Steller 7\Nova 9 to the list. Hell if we could get the Sega CD console port too, that'd be awesome.

gibbeynator: Now that you and Activision are on speaking terms again, can you convince them to give us the Japanese version of Police Quest 2?
Is there something special about the Japanese version?

dudalb: XP is pretty much a dead OS.
Actually, if this is structured like most GOG dos games, you should be able to copy the dos files,put them in another folder, and run the game on DOSBOX in a XP system.
But I cannot blame GOG for not supporting XP anymore.
As for the game, good to see a Sierra adventure game, but from the commetns this was one of Sierra's failures;simpy too hard and not that fun. I think that Sim Meire's "COvert Action" and Activisions "Spycraft" would be better bets for a Secret Agent high.
Hopefully GOG will begin t release some of the excellent Sierra casual games like the Ultra 3D Pinball games, Mini Golf, and Lionel Traintown..all a lot of fun.
I want all the 3D Ultra Games. Tracking down copies of RC Racer Traxiss Edition and the Pool one is a pain in the butt. I wanna play the Pool one because it has unique pool table layouts not seen in other Pool Gaems.
Oh boy. The Japanese version of Police Quest 2 is ridiculous. They redrew most of the character art in the anime style. So Sonny and Keith have crazy Goku hair, and the chief looks like a super villan. Google it; it is so worth a look!
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tburger: I don't think there are valid technical reasons not to support XP for ScummVM/DOSBox driven games...
I think "supported" means they have tested the game on these OS' and are trying to fix problems that arise on them. It's a matter of spending their limited resources on OS' that are still kept "alive" by their producers – which XP isn't for years now.

I hope none of the XP users here are running it with any internet access – if so, you may be part of the growing global bot net problem. Anyone still running XP today should be aware of the risks and measures to reduce them.

If you run XP only because it's less resource hungry than later Windows versions, you may want to consider using one of the lightweight Linux distributions like Lubuntu. Since it's basically Ubuntu with a less demanding desktop and pre-installed software selection, GOG games that support Ubuntu should run as well on Lubuntu.

edit: ScummVM is part of (L)Ubuntus official software repositories.
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gibbeynator: Now that you and Activision are on speaking terms again, can you convince them to give us the Japanese version of Police Quest 2?
Indygo: Is there something special about the Japanese version?
Yeah, I'd say there's something special about it. The game had redrawn graphics to give it a more anime-like design, like the Japanese version of Zak McKracken.
flashpulse: Very nice but seriously... no XP support? Many still game on XP. Specially for old games.
HunchBluntley: GOG's original purpose was always to sell old games that run on modern OSes. XP hasn't been a modern OS in many years now. It came out in 2001, for god's sake. If it were a person, it would be in high school. Extended support for it ended 3 years ago, and support for its successor, Vista, apparently just ended a couple days ago, as well. How long should makers and sellers of software be expected to officially support a given OS? "One more year, one more year"?

Basically, if someone wants to keep running a nearly-sixteen-year-old OS, then good for them, I guess (though it's still incredibly foolhardy to have that OS hooked up to the Internet). But they shouldn't expect many computer-related businesses to continue to cater to them. :)
That makes sense, you can't support games for decades, but if coded properly games can run on almost any windows as long as they don't use some windows dependent libraries that are different in most windows.

Desperados (the first game) runs on XP and win 7 64 bits, at least it ran on my XP and win7, thats the retail , no patches, so games can run if properly coded, and no 'exotic' libraries are called.

Gorky 17 one of my all time favorites is one of the worst optimised games regarding GPU, its almost impossible to get the original graphics with modern GPU, only seemed to work back then with voodoo cards, as soon as i got nvidia it was game over, now we hav to use software like dgVoodoo and that still doesnt solve the fact that 'layers' seem to slide over another resulting in a unplayable mess.

So sad cause the game was a very good game, seems they made another one , but that looked more like 3d and thats not the real Gorky, some games don't translate well to 3d or fpp, cause the original feeling of the game vansihes completely.
BTW the HD remake of "Gold Rush" (which does include the original as a bonus) will finally be coming to GOG, according to the game's makers.
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dudalb: BTW the HD remake of "Gold Rush" (which does include the original as a bonus) will finally be coming to GOG, according to the game's makers.
Oh that's great news! I've always wanted the original to be a part of the catalog here. Thanks for the news! :)