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Sanctuary is being sought/ Whispered prayers a last resort.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is now available, DRM-free on
Ancient horrors constantly lurking in the corner of your eye. Mad cultists sacrificing their humanity in order to appease terrible gods. Your own sanity hanging by a thin, fleshy thread. H.P. Lovecraft's works come to life in all their soul-biting vigor as this 1920s story of survival horror unfolds. Will you dare see it to its bitter end?

NOTE: This version includes various small fixes, including: proper V-sync functionality, a fix for the triangle raindrops on AMD cards, and a custom-made fix provided by user Guzz, which allows the invisible sorcerers on the reef to appear properly, plus restores skybox rendering.
I'm probably just being a moron but where do i enable the vsync? Im getting screen tearing but all the bugs have been fixed.
Perfect timing GOG, and thanks for including a bunch of the fixes so as to avoid a hassle.

*EDIT* Does this include the widescreen fix, with aspect ratio patching and proper FOV implementation?
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bong264: I'm probably just being a moron but where do i enable the vsync? Im getting screen tearing but all the bugs have been fixed.
I still died during the escape scene , did it work for you?
Hastur-: ...
Thank you for your work. :) Always good for GOG to keep up their "old games on new machines" reputation. Ideally GOG could contract more people to do reverse engineering and related work if need be (like how timeslip created a DK2 patch).
Holy shit, reef bug fix :D Maybe I should play this again.
'Nice to see that Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth finally made it to GOG! Has anyone tried it on Win7 yet?
bong264: I'm probably just being a moron but where do i enable the vsync? Im getting screen tearing but all the bugs have been fixed.
Just force it through your graphics card control panel.
How many of the bugs are fixed in this version?

Here is a list of all the main bugs that were present in the Steam release:

- Reduced player speed at higher resolutions (making the finale of the game unwinnable)
- Invisible ritual on reef bug in Chapter 9 - A Dangerous Voyage
- Intermittent crashes (that could be fixed by setting affinity to only use 1 core)
- The ending of a large amount of dialogue lines being clipped

Are these all fixed? I'm especially curious about the clipped sound bug, since that one is very annoying and there's no known workaround / fix for it on the Steam version.
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I'm so glad that this has finally made it onto GOG, and at an appropriate time of year too! If you want that Halloween feeling, just play it and feel the atmosphere that it oozes!

I instantly bought it on here as soon as I saw it listed, even though I already have it on PC and Xbox. It's just a game I had to have in my GOG library, and that was before I realised there were two other free games with it!

Note to GOG, though: You really need to do something about the listing. There are repeated screenshots on there and I'm stunned that it doesn't have a couple of vids to show it off. I hope that gets sorted soon.

If some of you are still unsure about buying it - JUST BUY IT! Don't worry about any bugs it mgiht have. It's a superb game and its on at a great low price too :)
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JMich: What about Acer or Asus? Do they approve of it or not?
MaxFulvus: You forgot Alienware :D
GOG approved :)
Please add widescreen aspect ratio fix
high rated
At last, the reuturn of the Old Gogs <3
Wow... Really cool game. I remember finishing when it originally came out. I finished it... without patches 0.0 Can't say I'm desperate to go back in. Loved the beginning to middle game, several set pieces (like the hotel, plant, boat, etc...) but the fighting, and the sneaking reeeeeaaaaally annoyed me back then (and now I'm less tolerant so no thank you). Still worth a playthrough for anyone that wants some good Cthulhu in their life :)
Wow this is dope!
It seems it doesn't differ that much from the Steam version though and none of those popular fixes are implemented in here right? Still tempted to beat this again, its great to see these classics back on GoG :-)
Really great game. I had to get my old computer from the attic to play the boat/reef part as I had the bug.