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Sanctuary is being sought/ Whispered prayers a last resort.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is now available, DRM-free on
Ancient horrors constantly lurking in the corner of your eye. Mad cultists sacrificing their humanity in order to appease terrible gods. Your own sanity hanging by a thin, fleshy thread. H.P. Lovecraft's works come to life in all their soul-biting vigor as this 1920s story of survival horror unfolds. Will you dare see it to its bitter end?

NOTE: This version includes various small fixes, including: proper V-sync functionality, a fix for the triangle raindrops on AMD cards, and a custom-made fix provided by user Guzz, which allows the invisible sorcerers on the reef to appear properly, plus restores skybox rendering.
MaxFulvus: Approved by H.P !
What about Acer or Asus? Do they approve of it or not?
JMich: What about Acer or Asus? Do they approve of it or not?
You forgot Alienware :D
Post edited October 31, 2017 by MaxFulvus
Good release!
Lucian_Galca: I remember this being released on OG Xbox as well, but never played it. Heard it's notoriously buggy, hope it's possible to complete it: [url=][/url]

Here's a video of the Best Friends guys playing it:
I completed the Xbox version, so I got to figure the PC version should run better. It's buggy and has a few jagged edges, but it's a good game overall.
Great!! I love this game, instabought!
\o/ <3 \o/
YEAAAAAAAAH finally here, since a long time it is on my Steam wishlist, but I never bought it there, now I can do that here! Instabuy!
nightcraw1er.488: To GOG however, can you be specific on what patches are on this. ... Does it for instance, or can be it made to work with:
DCoTE Patcher 1.20?
You may want to contact Support or message a blue.
Once I'm not at work. Downstream-buy?
great :D
(insert obligatory, "Does it work in WINE?" post)
Nice, I was reading about this in Retro Gamer and hoped it would pop up here :-)
Nice release but i can only add it to the wishlist now . Maybe at the end of 2018 .
Very nice addition, wishlisted. Played and finished it in the past, but woudln't mind going through it again on higher difficulty or chasing better scores/ranks (I remember I had pretty low ones).