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Sanctuary is being sought/ Whispered prayers a last resort.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is now available, DRM-free on
Ancient horrors constantly lurking in the corner of your eye. Mad cultists sacrificing their humanity in order to appease terrible gods. Your own sanity hanging by a thin, fleshy thread. H.P. Lovecraft's works come to life in all their soul-biting vigor as this 1920s story of survival horror unfolds. Will you dare see it to its bitter end?

NOTE: This version includes various small fixes, including: proper V-sync functionality, a fix for the triangle raindrops on AMD cards, and a custom-made fix provided by user Guzz, which allows the invisible sorcerers on the reef to appear properly, plus restores skybox rendering.
timppu: Awww schucks. Hopefully it comes back soon (I didn't buy it yet even though I found the price agreeable even without a discount).
Grargar: Now it's back and with a 50% discount, so you can find the price doubly agreeable!
Thanks, I bought it already, as soon as I realized it has become available. Oh joy!
Nice release! I'd like to think I got pretty far in it back in the day.
I am over the moon with joy about this!! YES! I foolishly missed out the last time. A rare release that when it came out here the last time, I didn't buy it. Had regretted ever since. Until now, insta-bought. Thank you GOG!
Nirth: Is the GOG version identical to Steam? I'm curious because someone mentioned in the game forum here that this one solved some v-sync issue, a game content issue and something else.

Also, full support with the dev patch? 2 things I loved with that one was developer quick save anywhere and no-clip to bypass getting stuck in a glitch.
It seems that it's the same as the steam but with *most* of the bugs taken care of, much more than the steam one that's basically just the vanilla game.
However, the steam one runs at 60fps while it seems this GOG version is locked at 30, which makes it feel even more clunky in my opinion. I still would prefer this one solely for the bugs being fixed up.