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Cat on a hot tin platform.

UPDATE: The bonus OST offer has been extended! Until further notice, buying the game will get you the 19-track soundtrack for FREE, as a bonus goodie.

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back is now available on
An all-new adventure starring the beloved crafty bobcat of the '90s, now looking for the mythical Golden Fleece while out-platforming and out-quipping legions of Woolies and dreadful extraterrestrials.

Watch the trailer.
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Skysect: It's still fail release mate :) Did you check regional pricing for this game ?
I don't care about it . Not interested in this game .
Argh... caries...

Well it fits the Halloween release date in that it looks like candy...
darthspudius: Just... no!
Mr.Mumbles: GALM. Gamers Against Lame Mascots.
I can't tell you how much I hate this character haha.
Kind of overpriced, eh? Just comparing with "Cuphead". AGAIN...

If the Soundtrack features Chris Huelsbeck or Machinae Supremacy we MIGHT could talk about it, but I fear they aren't involved...

I still would like to get the 2 SNES ones, which are listed on steam, thank you very much. :)
Just for those aware, at 5 PM EST, known Bubsy player Smight at is going to be playing though this game, for better or worse.
If you liked Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams (which was made by the same developer), you'll probably enjoy this one too. It plays VERY similarly. (same jump mechanics, including the "jump after falling off a ledge trick", similar hover ability and slightly similar dash ability, same way of dealing with enemies by jumping on top of them or dashing into them)

The "pounce" is a bit unwieldy compared to Giana's fireball dash since it arcs a little bit, meaning you tend to miss enemies if they're too close.

The only annoying part are Bubsy's oneliners. His voice is still grating. It's not a dealbreaker though, since the options have a "verbosity"-slider which can decrease the frequency of his oneliners or turn them off altogether.
Wow. Truly spectacular. I wonder what GOG did to secure such a top-of-the-line release?

We must truly be thankful that games of this level can make it to DRM-Free storefronts such as this.
$30 normal price? ... Good luck.
Thought 1 good release in a month was a bit overdoing it, back to normal.
A scary game on 10/31? Nice one, GOG.
Anime-BlackWolf: If the Soundtrack features Chris Huelsbeck or Machinae Supremacy we MIGHT could talk about it, but I fear they aren't involved...
Chris Huelsbeck is one of the composers actually.
Not my cup of tea, thank you, but others may like it.
I am still waiting for the one and only.... BUBSY 3D.Let's make it happen ;).Cheers
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Kind of laughable, really. :/