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Leo the Lion is now available DRM-free.

Discover this classic action-adventure game from Poland and join Leo the Lion on his adventures full of unexpected situations, challenges, and brawls. Travel the islands of Lion’s Archipelago and help him find the stolen crown. Try to survive in the jungle, pole, in the dungeons of the magic castle, inside pyramids and on the burnt deserts. Examine the wrecks of pirate ships on the bottom of the sea, and survive the eruption of the volcano. Experience crazy adventures and rack your brains to save Leo from traps and troubles.
Frozen: Arabian Nights coming soon :P
LucianX: How do you know?
It was a joke.
Never played it in my youth but instabought just for its cult status!
Fairfox: anybody that likes obscure, bad games, and i know there must be others out there, too, buy it. it's cheap and cheerful. and how is it cheap.
Than you should check up the DRM free section of GamersGate...

Anyway, will have to see more reviews and some gameplay of Leo and than make a decision to buy or not ;)
GameRager: But that game actually looks GOOD....that won't do...we need crappy ripoffs on GOG.
LucianX: It's not. Trust me. I've played it top to bottom. The puzzles will leave you lost if you can't make the connections between what characters say, and sometimes the instructions to these puzzles are misleading. The action is stiff and clunky and movement feels floaty and disconnected. The story is an excuse plot (There's 7 princesses. Find them. Become the sultan). The graphics are hit and miss. The first few chapters love crashing and have severe audio popping. You can still progress while missing important upgrades. The atmosphere is spot on though, but the game isn't worth playing for that alone.
I like the setting and such so i'd probably play it just for that alone(on a good sale).....I am sadly a glutton for punishment so i'm used to bad/glitchy games.