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Near-death experience.

Death's Gambit is now available DRM-free on

In the decaying land of Siradon, if you want to beat Death, you must first become him. Customize your condemned champion by picking your class, build, and weapons, but make sure your skills are as sharp as your scythe. The cursed creatures and hulking bosses that roam this land will show you no mercy and to achieve immortality you must become a master of your craft, as ruthless and effective as the one you serve.
Two releases today (this and Phantom Doctrine), of course, why wouldn't I eat instant soups for the rest of the month, great, thanks GoG!
GMS-based game without a linux support. What a joke, almost like unity-based game without linux support
It sounded interesting at first, but then I discovered that it is NOT a roguelike. What's up with that? GoG is supposed to be curated, so why do those non-roguelikes keep popping up?
A question: there's an invisible wall where the 5th boss (as per journal) used to be. Is it a bug, or is the wall supposed to be there? I'm asking because I didn't seem to benefit from killing it (okay, a vendor appeared, but I'm a wizard and don't give a shit about what she sells) BUT there appears to be an unreachable (?) secret in the vicinity that feels like it's supposed to be unlocked now.
SeduceMePlz: Took down Ione first try (barely), then got the Blood Aura, but that golden knight killed me. Haven't tried Owlking yet... I want to know what that knight is guarding! Gotta call it for the day - need some sleep. ;)
Owlking is a bitch (refund deadline bait). Make sure you know the buttons for rolling forward and you'll certainly do him in. The gold knight is substantially tougher, I'm just going back for him after boss #4.

edit: nope, bosses 1, 3, and 4 down and I still got owned by that knight.

edit edit: okay, I enabled easy mode and hit the ceiling. The class / advancement system here is retarded (but the replay value!!!1!), and parrying sucks ass. Refund deadline bait in its purest form.
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Heads up to those with high refresh rate displays. The game has a bug when fullscreened that causes really bad stuttering. This can be "fixed" by setting your display to 60 Hz, or you can play in windowed mode. Apparently the devs are currently working on a fix for this though.
Great game; it looks gorgeous, the gameplay is fluid, it runs smoothly even on my crappy laptop (despite some slowdown here and there, but that's not the game's fault; I'm running it on a very bad computer, this AMD Radeon GPU doesn't even have 1GB memory).

With that out of the way, please, devs, if you're reading this: stop making games' language locked to an OS preset. PLEASE. Maybe this isn't a huge deal if you live in one of the many English-speaking countries, or the French or German ones, but it's really noticeable (and annoying) if you are unlucky enough to be Portuguese or live in Portugal. We're only 12 million people, versus the +200 million of Brazilians, so I'm not asking for Portuguese localization of games to take European Portuguese into account -- that's not realistically feasible --, but at least let us have the option NOT to go through a game in a language we find odd (it's not just a matter of "center vs centre" or "color vs colour" or even "aluminum vs aluminium", we're talking stuff like "hormônio vs hormona", "aterrissagem vs aterragem", not to mention all the colloquialisms the different versions of the language use, like "putz" or "bué" or "puto" [which in PT-PT is just a kid, but in PT-BR is a male prostitute]). I don't think my version of Portuguese is "superior" to the Portuguese they speak in Brazil, I just don't like playing a game while being forced to sit through a version of my language that's so different from the one I use in my daily life, and that goes a long way to ruin my experience of an otherwise great, immersive game. And the same could be said if the situation was inverted; I'm pretty sure most of my Brazilian friends wouldn't want to be forced to play a game in a version of Portuguese they're not familiar with.

I know some games allow us to change some *.ini files in order to change the language; I know I could just set my OS language to English, but why should we, the gamers, be the ones to go through that extra trouble just to play a game? Is it that hard to have an option in-game for us to switch the language we want to play our games in? I don't want to be switching my OS language and rebooting my PC every single time I want to play one of these games (fortunately, they're not that many, most of them let me switch the in-game language even when they start in Portuguese).

This is just a minor grip of mine, and it doesn't affect my overall feeling about the game; I just wished these devs could take these things into account and try to "fix" them.
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Skipped that golden knight for now... But Owlking has fallen to my mighty scythe! Took two attempts - as with many souls bosses, the key is not to get greedy with your attacks.

Anyone know if there's an in-game description of abilities? I got Soul Rend but don't know what it does (aside from appearing to take a really big swipe at the enemy). I'm wondering if I'm overlooking part of the menu that describes them?

I'm considering starting the middle talent path for that status cure and block heal, but holding off assigning the point for now. Any advice?

Death's Dark Souls joke had me smiling ear to ear. :)
To answer my own question: Ability descriptions can be read at Death's Idols.

Took down the Soul of the Phoenix. Opposite strategy of Owlking - for SotP, avoid her spinning attack but deal as much damage as quickly possible.

I've been using abilities more frequently, and now I'm leaning toward going up the top path of the talent tree for Soul Keeper.

Edit: Soul Keeper isn't as useful as I'd hoped. The description is quite literal - it only works when you're standing still. You lose soul energy when moving, jumping, and even blocking.
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I messed up and forgot to preorder this to get the armor and mount set.

Are you still able to get that at all, either in game or with a dlc in the future? I really wanted to get that, but it was my fault for not preordering.

Tundra Lord Kaern was rough. Didn't know the platform was a deadly teeter-totter at first - I thought his attacks were knocking me off the ledge. Then it took some time to get the hang of it. Somewhere between seven and ten tries probably, but I got him.

Some tips: Buy the Bow of Cinders - it's cheap and useful. You can use it to safely destroy the crystal enemies and put a fire damage effect on tougher foes before engaging in close combat. The fire damage effect counteracts some of the healing effect on the blood chests and makes them easier to open - you can get Wisp (useful aura) near the sanctuary by using the bow and jump attacks on the chest.
Work has limited my playtime for the past four days, but I've made some progress. Took down the Forgotten Gaian. Bait the sword attack, dodge/run toward the boss, attack the foot, dodge/run away from the kick, repeat until the handler jumps down. As with TLK, probably died seven to ten times. Might have been less deaths, but I was playing after work and a bit tired, and thus a little sloppy. Should've waited but I wanted to play.

Then I went up into the tower... Wow. Big enemies, some tough situations. Eventually I turned back, but I got some nice items (Void Feather!) and many level-ups. Thinking about going up against the Bulwark next. Or perhaps going down into ghost territory.
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Defeated the Bulwark first retry (returning after having tried him a few times early game).

The Dark Knight was rough. Hardest boss for me yet. Died five times before watching another player and realizing the safest place to be is often right on top of the boss. Even then it was tough. Blocking seems more effective than dodging in this fight.

Garde Tum reveals some... interesting... things about the game world. Not bad, but unexpected. Fought Bysurge once but wasn't doing much damage to him, so I might move on and come back for him later.
Defeated Origa first try. It's a fun fight, one of my favorites.

Cusith, the usual seven to ten tries. It's a mad dash to deal enough damage before all the platforms are destroyed. Deal some extra damage with ranged weapons when on the platforms waiting for the blasts to clear.

Bysurge, about five tries. Chip away while trying to avoid taking damage. Block the drain with your shield. Use attacks with bleed and fire effects. Piercing Light is great if you're rocking a bow.

Down into the depths or up into the tower next.
Eldritch Inquisitor down, two tries. Another mad dash to deal damage as quickly as possible. Reminds me of Four Kings in Dark Souls. Not a fan of these types of fights, but EI wasn't too bad. Heroic might be a pain if the blood rises faster.

Thalamus... Gimmick fight. Or more accurately a survival challenge. Not a fan. But the Consumed Knight gear made the forced sidetrack worthwhile.

Tower or more heroics next.
Galaxy Mage Amulvaro down! Cool boss, but hard. Usual seven to ten. Heroic version must be insane.

Heroic Forgotten Gaian is stupid hard because of the continual reinforcements. Died so many times to being sniped while distracted with Ione. Probably fifteen deaths before I succeeded. Lead Ione towards the Gaian shortly before the spawns, then dash back to kill the mooks. Sometimes the safest place to heal is right under the Gaian after a sword attack, when Ione is finishing a move on the left side of the battlefield.

Caer Siorai or more heroics next.