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Who's up for some demon tikka?

Asura Vengeance is a FREE expansion available to all owners of the Indian-themed hack'n'slasher Asura. Get the base game 15% off until October 6, 5:30AM UTC.
The expansion realigns the game's core energy to be in tune with all sorts of fascinating additions, like:
• A Vengeance Mode where you clear up wave after wave of evil forces
• A Chakra System with new persistent perks gained by defeating bosses
• A new hardcore difficulty mode for truly skilled demons
• Many new items and rooms

What are you waiting for? The mighty Rakshasa beckons…

Watch the trailer.
Post edited September 29, 2017 by maladr0Id
Nice! Free content updates are always welcome. Thank you!
I am really liking this game
It's so rare these days to see a free expansions. Well done!
Props to devs!