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Amazing Cultivation Simulator is now available on GOG.COM and 15% off until 2nd August 2021, at 1 PM UTC.

Rise up in a search for immortality in this strategy sim and management game based on Chinese mythology.

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Wow, this looks to be a heavy and cavern-deep strategy game for the most dedicated, it would take months of playing to even scratch the surface!
I heard very good things about this game. But I've been told it's quite complex, by those who played it.
Gameplay video
Almost got this on Steam. Glad I held off!
allope: Almost got this on Steam. Glad I held off!
Same here ^^
Patience is a virtue.
2 person team based in China. Game based on Taoism and Buddhism. Very interested!
What a beauty.

Thanks for release on GOG, and all the best! <3
The game looks kind of confusing but also interesting to me. Wishlisted.
Just bought this a couple of weeks ago, still it is nice to see it here.
Is going to get Dyson Sphere Program also? I believe DSP and ACS share a publisher.
Just when I started to read the Journey to the West.

Also, Sseth dropped a review of this, and with a 20% discount!
I've read about this one. Not sure whether this is my cup of tea, but I don't mind seeing more games incorporating Eastern mythology. :)
I have this wishlisted on steam.. been there for like 5 months. Kept thinking "nah, this won't get to gog"
welp time to remove it from there and add to the account here ! ;P
Beautiful trailer! Welcome to Gamera games I'd say! Maybe Dream Engines next? I would like to see the platformer roguelike with anthro animals Kelipot here!
Possibly interesting for those who read Journey to the West?
Nice. Slight sneak peak from Sseth.

Wishlisted for now I guess.