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Join the ranks of the Roman army during the Second Punic War and beyond. A Legionary's Life from Alessandro Roberti is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM. In this unique indie RPG, you decide if you want to get promoted and win prestigious awards or just focus on making it home in one piece.
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Now it just needs some proper store page...
Looks interesting.
Great game, thanks for bringing it to gog! And with achievemnts too!
The-Business: Link redirects to game catalog here.
Victim of regional censorship again?
Works now.
Permadeath? Okay, nothing to see here...
I already own the game on Steam but never really got into it. While the storytelling aspects are really well done and historically very accurate and detailed (I studied ancient history myself), the fight system frustrates me. Often I die without knowing why, the fight system isn't very intuitive for me and I passionately hate permadeath. After a few tries I gave up on the game. A proper save system would make me change my mind. I'd even purchase it here again because, as I already said: The storytelling is really well done.
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This seems really cool and the music and the story seem to catch my interest a little bit, but this game is $7.99 and to the best of my knowledge, forgive me if I'm wrong, contains absolutely no gameplay besides a very small character on a little map that doesn't really offer much in my opinion. If I'm paying $7.99 for something, I'm going to need some game play you know? There are many completely free text based "games" all over the internet but I honestly consider them to be choose your own adventure stories. I just feel like $7.99 is asking a bit too much from me. I hope everyone enjoys it anyway, and have a good day.
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Cool release, looks very interesting, thanks for bringing it here!
Wait, Roman Legionaries have positive charisma? Should have automatic -100 for their noses!

(per Dickens: