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9th Dawn III is now available on GOG.COM and 50% off until 26th July 2021, at 1 PM UTC!

Enjoy a massive open-world RPG/dungeon crawler featuring more than 270 monsters to fight and capture, a fun card game with 180 cards to collect, and over 1,400 unique items to hoard!

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low rated
9th Dawn 3? Shouldn't that be like 11th Dawn? :-P
Very cool, reminds me of Hammerwatch.
looks cool. will buy.
This game is crazy good looking, its a must buy for sure.
Cool thing.
To the library it goes
How are the controls? Is it playable with mouse?
On the fence with this one but nice to see Linux Support.
This looks interesting and fun action / RPG game. But if I'm being honest, I don't do well with games that throw zerg swarms at me (if I'm the video is any indication). I just don't have the reflexes for it and it'll likely to add stress than relieve stress.

I thank GOG for their efforts and to the developer(s) for allowing the release here, for those who enjoy games of this type. I'll likely pass on it for now.
Nice to see Linux support for this; that definitely helps with getting me interested!
The game page currently seems to lack Linux system requirements, though - could those be added?
Post edited July 19, 2021 by gogtrial34987
low rated
Looks like a glorified flash game...
low rated
JÖCKÖ HÖMÖ: Looks like a glorified flash game...
A flash game would have much better graphics.
high rated
Valorware is a one-person team based in the UK.
One of my favorite mobile series. Wishlisted for now.
Nevermind, bought.
Post edited July 20, 2021 by paladin181