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JudasIscariot: But they do have the RU discount so there's that caveat.
Urnoev: Which makes them... not... flat-priced?
Flat-priced for ROTW.

And no, I am not even getting into further details due to the fact we are talking about money ...
Cavalary: Also, I do wonder why do they allow games with NO "goodies" whatsoever when they could easily fix that.
It depends on the game, really. If it's an indie game and we don't have anything from the original developers, well, there's not much we can do and the same goes for older games if the content is so old that it cannot be found anywhere.

In any case we do try to bring all the goodies possible but it takes a while as there are quite a few things going on behind the scenes :)
PaterAlf: It seems that regional pricing (with higher pricing for some regions and not just regional discount for the Ex-Soviet states) is GOG's standard pricing model now. At least that's what one of the developers of The Masterplan told me when I asked him why they chose this pricing model:
I'd just like to point out this post as there was a bit of a misunderstanding there:

Regional pricing is NOT our standard pricing model and we're still pushing for flat pricing worldwide (with the exception of Russia/CIS regions) whenever we can.
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