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Elendil: Yes, I've asked GOG about distributing The Quest and they rejected it, because it's not a "classic".
Its not fair.
GOG is selling not only classics, for example: Paper Sorcerer (kickstarter).
GOG is also selling some non popular or poor games.
This game is from about 2006 and was very popular (probably the best) RPG for Palms and PocketPC.

I played "The Quest" a lot on my PocketPC and finished all the game.
I am gaming veteran since 90s, played many games on many retro platforms, and I must say that "The Quest" is high quality product.
Graphics are retro, but very well done.
World and level design is very well done.
Story, quests, NPCs are very well done.
I am still looking for another game like this.

First look may result in too retro feeling for some gamers, but if you spend about a hour on this game and you like good RPG games, then you will see the potential.
I think GOG members who are RPG veterans should give it a hour to try, before they judge just by first look on graphics (which are nice in my opinion).
And me thinking this thread would be about Quantum Redshift. :^(
I'm done waiting for GOG to put up games I like. Meanwhile I'll just get them elsewhere; it's not that hard to consolidate the various download links these days. GOG's loss.
As an update to this topic: apparently sometime June/Julyish an updated version of The Quest will be released on Steam/GOG. So the knuckleheads finally accepted it!
ShadowWulfe: As an update to this topic: apparently sometime June/Julyish an updated version of The Quest will be released on Steam/GOG. So the knuckleheads finally accepted it!
Awesome! Thanks for letting us know about this. I was just thinking of getting The Quest from Redshift's website.
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Hi guys!

We have just put up the new PC version of The Quest on Steam Greenlight!

After it's released on Steam, we would love to put it on GOG too (if they let us this time :)

You could help by voting on it on Greenlight. (I can't post links, but search for "The Quest" on Greenlight, ours is the second one :) (The developer of the other game seems to have promised to change the name before release.)

I hope GOG doesn't mind this post... :)
Elendil: Hi guys!
Awesome news, unfortunate that you guys can't get a day one release here.
Glad to see ya, I was bit worried with silence for year yet it seems like everything is allright.
Good luck then, I can't wait to test it by myself.
The remastered version is looking really sweet. All the best guys!
The redshift page looks like a bunch of PS1 quality games... not really surprising based on resolution and hardware limitations.

Still it would be curious if they were to come here. All their games as a pack for $10, i'd consider it.
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Updated by adding wishlist entry, hopefully this gets on here ASAP. Loved this game.
Just got Greenlit and coming to Steam before Christmas. It's the year of incline, baby!
The Quest has been accepted on Steam!
We have been Greenlit after only 10 days!

We would like to thank everyone who has made it possible. Now we'll begin the work to put The Quest on Steam. We'll announce a release day as soon as we can. It'll definitely be before Christmas. : )

Once again, thank you all! We hope you'll enjoy the game very much!
Release on 21 December 2015!
19 December - Redshift

We are pleased to announce that almost everything is ready. We have set the release to December the 21st. It's up to Valve now. :)

You can enjoy the game very soon!
I'm really surprised GOG hasn't gotten this game, since it's very similar to Might and Magic and all the other great old open world dungeon crawling games.

Instead we're getting new indie games and some AAA titles we could get off Steam anyway. :/
Yes, necro, I know (just going through old favourites). Bumping this again as this is on Steam:

And also 7mages:

Grid based RPGs. Cant be that niche as we have a fair few of these types already.