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I'm kind out of touch with social medias but apparently Reddit is going through a rough time after the departure of one of their employees who was organising many Q&A sessions with celebrities. It sparkled fire amongst unpaid moderators who complains about the lack of support from reddit admins regarding Reddit system and tech stuff. So to protest many subreddit are goind into "private" mode and apparently there is a wave of bans going on. Found this post which seems understandable from a stranger's POV:

Any insights or corrections?

When are the GOG forumers going on "strike" too? :o)
catpower1980: When are the GOG forumers going on "strike" too? :o)
The only point of going on strike is because you have a hope that something might get improved, so why bother? ;)
catpower1980: lack of support from reddit admins regarding Reddit system and tech stuff.
Uhm, where did i've seen something similar...
Reddit has always had massive drama. The only change is that news outlets are paying attention now.
I didn't start the fire...
I always find Reddit and to a lesser extent Tumblr very strange and rather rendudant websites.

Like what is their essential use other than just another glorifyed comment forum?
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TL:DR - Drama queens.
I consider this type of behavior the dark side of the hive mind. When it's ugly, it's really ugly. If for no other reason, I find it better to remain a precious little snowflake rather than a bee.
Its about REDDIT releasing the AMA coordinator. She was the contact point that filtered questions to the AMA participant, she was able to text/call/email/skype/ETC the public figure on the fly and post on there behalf in the AMA sessions.

Reddit released her and all hell is breaking loose.
If it's true that Reddit's admins do not respect the work of the many volunteers mods.. the "strike" for me is right.
Useful? No idea.
Hah it sounded as if there's political background missing, there always seems to be these days. I'm just gonna throw this in here, I don't follow reddit or it's drama too much to claim I know, but considering the recent censorship drama too, it sounds like a likely cause.
Last night I wanted to look at the gaming section. Nope.

To me, it is nothing more than a glorified "general forum," but you could still find interesting stuff now and then, despite the overkill on rules.

edit: ...aaand it's back, apparently
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What the hell is "reddit"?
I just hope /r/keto stays up, we're on a diet here and it's the best resource of information >.<