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All the gamers longing for some fun with good old fashioned indie titles should check out today’s Midweek Sale on GOG.COM. It’s full of games that we haven’t seen for a while but still love to play again and again.

First, we have a tasty bunch of games from Swedish game publisher – Raw Fury. Titles like GoNNER or Kingdom: New Lands will bring you hours of fun and will prove to be quite a challenge even for the experienced, hardcore gamers. That’s not all – apart from Raw Fury hits, this Midweek Sale explodes with titles that will bring back many great memories.

GoNNER BlüEBERRY EdiTION (-60%) is an action, platform shooting game in the purest sense of that description. The funny thing is, GoNNER’s main character seems to be a peace-loving fellow. Ikk travels through dark lands and shoots other creatures only because he is searching for… a trinket to make his friend whale Sally smile more. Well, he will certainly make us smile a lot – GoNNER is one of the most engaging games of all time.

Kingdom: New Lands (-75%) is a unique game in which adventure and strategy meet halfway. As a king or queen, you travel across your beautifully crafted, pixel art realm. During those travels, you not only make money and expand your realm. Other challenges include fighting monsters who endanger the kingdom’s future.

Fantasy General (-75%) is an all-time classic among turn-based strategy games. Especially worth playing now, because of the sequel from Slitherine Software released lately. Become one of the generals waging a war in the fantasy realm full of monsters, wizards and demons. Earn money through winning battles to increase your army to the level that no other general can oppose.

Of course, the games mentioned above are just a small part of this week’s Midweek Sale. Discover more “long time, no see” titles and immerse yourself in a great gaming experience.

Midweek Sale and Raw Fury Sale both last until November 16th, 2 pm UTC.
Thanks for the info!
I wanted this to be a sale about furry, but ok
Oh, Cinemaware games on sale...

Does that mean that gog is still in contact with these, uhh, fine folks?

Next time please remind them to bring that Cinemaware Anthology here, rather than keep selling that mangled selection of games taken from that anthology at a ridiculously inflated price.

Would be nice to see that happen after, like, 5 years! (Ironically, it's been exactly 5 years to the day since the anthology released on Steam: Nov 14, 2014.)
LOL Bad North is the next Epic freebie. They really undercut other stores sales.

I wonder if Raw Fury said to GOG "Oh Bad North is to be sold at 25% discount. BTW it's gonna be a freebie on Epic next week."
Post edited November 14, 2019 by zlaywal
Heh heh. Huniepop.