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1/10 for that great cover AND for Star Trekkin? Seriously?

I'm out of this thread, it makes me sad :(
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BreOl72: But I can offer something in regard to Kirk, too:
Oh god that's terrible. Why would you do that on purpose? 1/10 and a plague on your house.

I'm disappointed. So much Kirk, and nobody has thought to give us the creme de la creme of Star Trek actor songs? Nobody wanted to link to Leonard Nimoy singing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins? Even if you have heard the song, if you have not seen the video as well then you know nothing of majesty; nothing of horror. Truly, this is the stuff Lovecraft wrote about. This, the domain of the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep. Ia! Ia!

OK, seriously, I won't link anything horrible again...probably.
I actually thought that might be Shatner singing "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds". Equally as awful, trust me! :P

On a side note, has anyone posted either of Cory Feldman's "Today Show" performances? I would imagine that doing so would result in an immediate lifetime ban from the forum.
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