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This pandemic has transformed me into a little lamb seeking human touch. Can watch this vid on a loop for hours! Too adorable!
Interesting read. Thanks for the link. :)

fr33kSh0w2012: George Soros ACTUALLY SAID THIS!!!
I looked for it and didn't find any evidence for this quote.
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Monty Python - Constitutional Peasants Scene
Biggus Dickus - Monty Python's Life of Brian
Hey wait a second...
John Cleese in conversation with Eric Idle at Live Talks Los Angeles
Real Facts
Scientifically proven, peer reviewed and fact checked by expert monkeys...

No, I don't have a stroke...
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Opinions - Graham Chapman
I wouldn't sign everything he said but I support the "to long; didn't listen" version (ca. 14:48 min).
Baelin's Route by Viva La Dirt League
Monty Python ~ Marching up and down the square

Monty Python Royal Society For Putting Things On Top of Other Things

Michael Palin
John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam sit down together to discuss their brand new Monty Python show, which starts its run at the O2 in London on 1st July 2014. What can fans expect from the new Python?
Monty Python (Ultra Rare) Cheese Shop Sketch