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Ryan Reynolds: the Merc With a Mouth and God-King of Twitter


Expectation vs. Reality

It Looks Cool, but What are the Stats?

You Have No Power Here

This Could Be Us
Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times (1936)

Fixed link.
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25 Times Very Lonely Luke Skywalker Was Too Lonely For His Own Good
"It's only a little bit electric"
"Pity the sad legacy of Barack Obama" by Cornel West (theguardian)
4 Obnoxious Old People Behaviors (Explained By Science)
Now get of my lawn, you entitled little pricks!
If Every Famous Diet Idea Was Honest - Honest Ads

8 Times Your Favorite Actors Almost Died On Film
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Kingsman: The Secret Service Church Scene
I love this scene.

Meryl Streep Speech Aimed At Donald Trump (Golden Globes 2017)

Corbyn calls for wage cap on bosses at government contractors
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The Prisoner of Empire (PDF)
Found here:
Gefangener des Imperiums – ein neuer Bericht von Professor Norman Birnbaum
Global Capitalism: January 2017 Monthly Economic Update

EVENT: Freedom & Democracy – Global Issues in Context
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«Syria and the United States: We Now Know»
Truth and Politics - The concept of “fake news” has always been vacuous. But on Wednesday, Donald Trump showed how it can be dangerous.

Found the link for the article here.

Edit: Fixed link.
btw: In the article the term "Lügenpresse" is spelled wrong. Typo, I guess.
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Slavoj Žižek: What the Liberal Left Doesn’t Want to Hear
Fun For Everyone

We're All Full of Feces




Early Adopters of Technology
Economic Update: Economic/social costs of Prisons