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^no spilers in making it a link ^skyrim version
^original :D
^no spilers in making it a link ^skyrim version
^original :D
Lol, that's awesome! :D Didn't know the song. :-P

A Kitten Does What a Kitten Does


I Regret Nothing!

Is Jonathan McIntosh the Stupidest Person on the Internet?

A Reminder About Who Controls Everything

Wheel of Anxiety

Another Day in The Life of Emotionally Dead Inside Husband

Just Helping You Tee Off

Embrace the Difference
Critical Miss: Shock Value
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

What a Twist!

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Pseudo daughter sent this to me on FB, so I sort of found it, when went to FB.... ;p

The Tail Gunner; A Kitteh Kitteh Mini Epic from tokyoplastic

Catzilla King of the Monsters: a new Micro Epic from tokyoplastic
Need an Alternative for Prescription Drugs? Check Out Some of These Brochures!

7 Things Not to Do in Personals Ads

Great Slogan? Or Greatest Slogan?

The Most Accurate Statement Regarding Adulthood
Those that like foxes, should like this

edit: ah more links from my old clan forum

oldy but goodie: (same with 'this is my horse')
wann hear the most annoying sound in the world?

edit: and more
Awesomest Action Movie Ever

edit: oh lol seriously this was on disney?
The Muppets - Devil Went Down to Jamaica

edit xfinity: lol at end

zomg, hehe he
(ps. and a ton of other good stuff at collegehumor)
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Top 20 5 Second Films

edit: don't know what they where thinking when they made this, let alone post it.

edit; ok don't know where my friends got some of these links
Banana Song ~lol

edit #infinity: Ronald Jenkees - Throwing Fire very nice

edit: serious, 66 million views? Charlie The Unicorn

edit.....: Battlestar Rhapsody
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ARTE documentary about surveillance:

Un oeil sur vous, citoyens sous surveillance!

Terrorgefahr! Überwachung total?
Doug Stanhope - No Refunds

Come for the beer, stay for the Stanhope.