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Looks like I need to replace all my underwear...
viperfdl: I guess this means that old Scots wearing Kilts and nothing under it were much smarter than we thought...
The shrinkage from cold weather means, maybe not so smart. Using the restroom was never so easy.

I wonder if modern day kilt wearing Scots have accidents sitting on their keys! (it still happens to me sometimes)
Why Gamers Had To Die: Part 3 - Pseudo-Academics and Lazy Journalists
Meanwhile in Russia...
George Carlin - Complaints and Grievances
Scandinavia And The World
Georg Carlin - Complaints and Grievances
complete show, audio only
Courtesy of The Onion.
Feel free to relate this link to the AvP forum. :D,37978/
For you people who hate Valentines Day.

Couple Fails Compilation: Failed Valentines || FailArmy
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You Want Water? Here's Your Damn Water!

Redditor Goes Through Barnes & Noble Making Section Names a Bit More Accurate
btw.: Sexism! That's clearly objectification of men!

Oh, You Thought Only Humans Were Trolls? Guess Again!

Definitely Saving This One!

I Had No Idea She Was So Into Mileena Cosplay!

You Just Don't Know Fashion!

Sorry, Bad Aim

Zimbabwean President (and All-Around Awful Dictator) Robert Mugabe Wants This Picture of Him Tripping at Harare Airport Removed From the Internet

Cats Are Eternal Pessimists

Put Some Pants...Nevermind

The Screen Is a Little Big

Before You Decide to Buy Evolve Watch This Honest Trailer

Evolve is a Good Concept Badly Executed by Greed

Wu Dun Goofed

How Trends Ruin Great Games

Speak With Your Wallets
Easier broken than opened.
Valentine's Gets a Little Creepy
Sorry Human, but I Must Destroy This
Everything Wrong With Dragonball Evolution In Many Many Minutes ~careful spoilers...

.... this has to be one of the worse, most scary, scripts I ever saw. It is so bad, it might just be good!

ps. I never watched the movie, and after seeing this, I don't want to.

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