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Brave New World vs 1984: Huxley Tells Orwell "I Was Right"
Paul Watzlawick - Wenn die Loesung das Problem ist (1987)
New Discoveries in Physics (Video in German)
After playing through Shadow of Mordor I wanted to learn a bit more about Middle-Earth's lore and Celebrimbor. While doing that a came upon these interesting videos:
What if Gandalf Took the Ring? | Tolkien Theory

What if Sauron got The One Ring? | Tolkien Theory

What if Galadriel Took the Ring? | Tolkien Theory
The Drinker Recommends... 1917
Seems to be an interesting movie.
CD PROJEKT | Deep Dive: Approach to ESG
Dat ratio!
Though I'm honestly surprised they haven't disabled comments (yet).
George Orwell, Aldous Huxley | Doku HD | ARTE
The Rise and Fall of Might and Magic | Retrohistories
We can see things moving faster than light.
CIA Officer Frank Snepp Discusses Planting Stories in Vietnam
Game developers in the past vs nowadays.
The discovery of GOD by MIT.
Amazing domino effect.
Short performance art
Real Engineering - the mystery flaw of solar panels

Endocrine Disruptors - Common Chemicals That Severely Alter Your Hormones and Reproduction

Sabine Hossenfelder - Hydrogen Will Not Save Us. Here's Why.
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