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Shocking News - People Like Good Characters

Oscars Ratings Disaster - An Open Letter To Hollywood
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Admiral Holdo - A Toxic Leader
Why The Hobbit Trilogy Failed To Equal Lord Of The Rings
Batgirl Cancelled - A Sign Of Things To Come?
Did Google’s A.I. Just Become Sentient? Two Employees Think So.
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The Drinker Recommends... Falling Down
Cuckoo Curling, a fun game for wasting time.
Nothing special, just thought the finished desserts looked beautiful.

emerald marine tart dessert

shades of blue gelatin dessert

blue sky with clouds gelatin dessert
John Cleese on Creativity In Management
She-Hulk - A Lesson In Terrible Writing
Lieutenant Data, increase speed to Warp eight.
"WAHLEN" | Film von Jens Magnus
Forgotten History: The Ludlow Massacre & the PR Machine
Educational retro TV show: The New Tech Times Link
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